Getting back in the rhythm ~TJ145

So far I have managed gym 2 days a week for a couple of weeks and am feeling better, weight is yoyoing about quite a bit. The last two weekends have just been mum emergency dominated so no chance to do the long fartlek workouts that I love, weather has been cold, foggy, stormy and just nowhere to exercise in safety (rural area no street lights or pavements) except the gym.


I try and do something different on treadmill and rower on every visit. last night I thought I would give gradient a go on the treadmill – started at 0 and 4 kmh increased gradient by 0.5 every 30 seconds for 10 minutes, was all OK began to feel it at around 8 minutes and struggled for last 30 seconds.


Always have a feeling of instability on the treadmill so last night I tried wearing normal old comfy trainers and not running shoes, it felt so much better, must try that again see if it was just an anomaly, I always use the same treadmill so that is a constant factor.


As my poor little legs were tired and achy I did a straight ten minutes on rower 1250m, these are all benchmarks for me to beat in coming weeks.

Big sudden inexplicable weight gain yesterday and a big sudden inexplicable weight loss today – I weigh daily in order to get statistical data and a decent trend line – ask Steve lol

4 thoughts on “Getting back in the rhythm ~TJ145

  1. I like my stats too! And writing down goals and achievements helps too, being able to look back and see what you have done is so motivating, although when you haven’t budged it’s quite demoralising! If you try hard enough you can always find something to be glad about ( just call me Pollyanna!)

    • I try and find a positive too, even if it’s a kick in the pants for not trying as hard as I can – that motivates me.

      Strangely I sometimes find it de motivating when people tell me how good I look, slimmer, fitter, healthier – I want to lose more weight, I need to be told to carry on lol

      Typical woman never happy !

      • What a shame that you feel demotivated by compliments! Think I understand though that although we like to look back and see how far we’ve come, we want others to accept us as we are, no one likes someone else to say ‘ I remember you when you were fat/ spotty / poor etc!

  2. It’s demotivating in that people are saying how amazing I look! Makes me wonder whether to go on (but not very often) I have my image of me and it is not the fat me that is around at the moment. There is a picture of me on the wall in the office 5 stone heavier than now!

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