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ReBlog ~RB07


Cool graphics – if there appear on our blog it is because I could not resist them!

ReBlog ~RB06

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Hello chocolatey pies, So sorry I have been a little busy and neglected my page.lose%20or%20quit
This journey has taken me through a lot, I have learnt so much , met so many people and have also lost some. The journey came with different emotions, sometimes happiness, sadness, excitment, anxiety,moodiness and what have you.I have lived through that fear of not seeing the scale move and that inner mind just says “give up it would never move”. But with the very good people that keep saying “don’t give up you are going to make it happen” . Even those who hate on me have done a lot of good, because I now wake up every morning with the aim of making you take back your words one day. I know a lot of people expect so much from me and I am not thinking of letting them down any soon.


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Confused and Curious ~CC03

Post 3 in the Confused and Curious

You can see them all by searching on our “Post Code” “~CC” or by clicking on the link here or below in full

Techie Tip ~01 you can find and tinker with you posts by doing a search from the admin interface

Techie Tip ~02”~CC”

Techie Tip ~03
Open the link in a new window / tab
TT03 2013-08-02_053651
The reason this is very powerful is it allows you to jump from the admin interface to the user interface
and see how the posts are displayed and their order etc

# ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ #

So back to the “likes” question  / observation in more detail.

CC05I have searched for the “~CC” post code and have sorted by date
I can sort by reverse date “within” this selection

CC03 2013-08-02_051224

I have searched for the “~CC” post code and have sorted by comments
I can sort by reverse date “within” this selection

But for likes I assume it is for “likes” I cannot sort on the column and there
is no hover over description – has anyone ever wanted to do this.

Is it a feature which is available in the world or by using custom feature.

I’m just curious and confused!

Techie Tips ~TT01

After the post about the “Likes” a few things that were a swirling mass of ideas and confusion are starting to precipitate.

  • WordPress is an amazing content management framework
  • It is pretty good – but not without its individual quirks
  • It is “tech” friendly

So as an illustration of being tech friendly I have introduced our own unique post codes. The Journey is “~TJ” so if I search on “~TJ” I can see the post on that topic alone. Very cool but it gets better. I can dynamically sort by date order or reverse date order just by clicking on the date column header.


WordPress tags

Now I am curious ~CC02

Now I am curious

curious - 2

What  is the the “<- 17” referring to?
Anyone know?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So back to the question – How can I see what is “liked” ?
The nearest I can see at present is to go to “All Posts” and look down the column.

The column with no hover over description and no sort option – why not I ponder to myself?
Do I have to pay for that option – is it more cost if I am in a hurry – discounted at weekends?
Could the price be linked to a heart rate monitor – or would heart attacks be bad publicity!

~TT01 Image

~TT02 Image

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