Scrummy dinner ~TJ147

I have been trying to avoid carbs for a couple of weeks, bread and spuds are one of my pitfalls, however doc wants me to eat bread so i can be tested for wheat/gluten intolerance. I have managed to avoid any carbs with dinner and lunch though, filling the gap with veg.

Tonight though I fancied some spuds and sausage toad, God knows why, but I really wanted it so off I go and make the stuff. The sausage toad bit quite easy. garlic and herb wedges (plain spuds cut up chucked in oven, some olive oil, garlic, salt and mixed  herbs. In Morrisons on way home yesterday I got 2 bags mixed veg, (cauli, broccoli and carrots) for 9p each, so made a gigantic veg stew yesterday. At the same time there was a sweetheart cabbage for 15p – not a lot of money to waste if we don’t like it and green stuff is good for you.

Not being keen on cabbage I thought I would spice it up, fried a couple of rashers of bacon (cut up tiny), one small white onion and a handful of mushrooms, tiny bit of butter. Sweated the cabbage til just turning soft, drained it then fried with the bacon mix , knob of butter to serve – it was ace, really really nice, even my son liked it! And………………….. not too naughty, in fact quite nutritious I think, I ate cabbage and am pleased with myself for that.

Old age or DOMS? ~TJ143

My legs really ached after gym on Monday, all was OK yesterday but this morning WOW they ache.

Is this DOMS , old age or arthritis or a combination of all three.

Gym tonight we shall see – weight static for three days, this is unusual for me hopefully a sizeable drop to follow

Hills to climb, rivers to ford ~TJ138

Apologies for my absence, I have been ill but am slowly recovering. I now have the task of getting back to where I was fitness wise and to start enjoying it again. I kinda lost my way and my mojo for a while, great support from Steve and friends and I have survived the crisis.

The only way now is up!

I’m back in the groove ~TJ135

Well here I am back in the ‘losing a little bit a day groove’ Had a blip there, some depression, being treated thanks to employer and friends and of course Steve!

So a week or so of self indulgence, eating whatever found its way to my hand/mouth and now back on the road to recovery from the depression and on the road to health, fitness, weight loss and the start of a new way of life.

I expect there will be bumps, blockages, twists, turns, up and down hills and many other things on this road, but I also know that all I have to do every single day is try my best, stay positive, strive for my goals, seek help when needed,  for that will be good enough, and I can do no more than that.



25 days on trend – my view as the body ~TJ120

Speaking from my standpoint, numbers are numbers, but the brain and the heart they seem to like them, cheers them up to see downward slopes, weight loss, gain in muscle mass.

It’s OK for them! THEY stay the same size it’s me that’s disappearing! But they both tell me to concentrate  on the positives, I can go to more places now, do more things, I do feel better less ‘lumpy’ and have some energy now. All in all it’s a good thing I will be around for longer, enjoy more and feel more.

So, brain must get on with controlling all the systems to lose more, slowly, carefully, increase fitness, stamina and endurance and just be healthier. We can do it if we all pull together!