New targets ~TJ149

The weight loss took a big nose dive lately (whoops) never mind all is not lost, recovery is on the way.

My new target is to be overweight, as opposed to obese , by 12th April. This means losing about 10kg and moving from current BMI of 33.6 to sub 30. The time period is 65 days so an average daily weight loss of 5 and a bit ounces is required!!!! This is going to be a tough couple of months, so far in this journey I have lost about 5 stone, I aim to lose at least another 2 if not 4, that has yet to be decided. But………………….

This is what i am aiming for

This is what i am aiming for

There is a possibility that I am gluten intolerant or allergic to wheat or yeast, this week, on doctors orders, I am eating wheat products ready for blood tests next week. depending on the results of that I may have to change certain eating habits anyway. In the meantime I intend to try and only eat non processed foods – which is more or less what I do now but I do eat bacon, coffee whitener, sausages, occasionally burgers, fish and chips, pizza.

To get the target I will need to watch nutrition closely and reduce the number of ’empty’ calories, those that fill but give nothing for the body to use.

Specially for Steve! (I have a thing for Snickers)

Specially for Steve! (I have a thing for Snickers)

So my fight against the flab is back in earnest, time for coasting to cease, the battle lines have been drawn. Wish me luck

4 thoughts on “New targets ~TJ149

  1. I have everything crossed for you and believe you can do it. I don’t think the ‘D’ word helps. It’s better to effect change gradually and carefully – this way you learn to listen to your body and what it wants/needs. Hope the tests give you some help and indications to feeling better in yourself. Go for it 🙂 xxxx

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