New behaviour ~TJ95

First day of me being good and listening to and taking advice – whoops failed lol

Advice: drink one small glass of water twice today.

Action: bought 2 litres and drank 1 litre almost immediately.

Result: lots and lots of peeing.

Lesson learned: do as advised there is a good reason for it!

I shall now slap myself on the wrists and sit on the naughty step for a while.

Five miles ~TJ93

I was under strict orders today – no running – at least until I had walked the parkrun 5k, no sprinting, jogging or any form of movement except walking. After the walk I could fartlek away to my heart’s content.

I started a lot later than intended due to a family issue, (Mum’s taxi was required!), the day turned very hot – not my favourite, the last time I did this walk in the heat I got ill. So off I went walking at a steady pace that I felt I could do for the entire 5k. While walking along, bored out of my mind, I thought I know I’ll do 10k instead, then the thought occurred why not do 10 miles? The most I have walked (recorded) was 8.4 miles when my eldest was home from uni and he walked with me to my mothers and back, I stopped loads of times and it took hours (over three).

So I spent a while doing the mental arithmetic, twice round is about 5k (3.14 miles) in fact this route is a deal longer than that at 3.44 miles. so four times round would be 10k at least and 6.88 miles, another twice round would get me to 10.32 miles and a couple of new PB’s. I was going steady, feeling Ok, legs were sore from strength training the night before.

Twice round in a slow time of about an hour, conserving strength to go round another four times, mental maths telling myself I was a third of the way through and after one circuit more I would be halfway, two more and I would be 2/3rds of the way, then I lost the math with five out of six and decided it was just as easy to tell myself only one to go!

Then the oedema struck! My hands started to swell, my fingers were tight, a sign (to me) that my blood pressure was dropping, it was very hot (again for me) I had stupidly not brought a hat or the cool band that I had bought after the last disaster. I felt fine, but that can change very quickly when pressure continues to drop. I drank loads of water. I wear a bladder pack now whenever I do more than a 5k. I could not get blood pressure up with fluids so I had to stop, the car was parked at the end of lap three so instead of going round again I went back to the car. 😦

Will try again soon, as they say you get good runs/walks and bad ones, roll on chilly days I say.


Life with less meds ~TJ54

dividing psp300

Reduced dose by cutting tablets

Just taken my three pills for today (statin later) it feels so strange not having the ritual of popping five pills out of packets, and for last month have been cutting some in half as well.

Long may it continue.


After the epic first 5 k row I decided to look at the stats.

HRM - 2013-08-02_062411So here is the HRM (heart rate monitor) data – will post the spec and tips later

12 minutes in looks like it was getting tough or perhaps was so easy that the intensity was increased.

The rower provides more intensity the harder you pull – some fancy algorithms track your distance, stroke rate etc the HRM belt is separate and logged by an Android phone. It is simple to do this but not easy!

So now we know a 5k row is probably quicker than a 5 k walk we can work on the intensity i.e. the work being done (this should increase the heart rate and reduce the overall time).

So let us say for the time being the first and last 5 minutes are ALWAYS in zone 1

that leaves approximately 30 minutes for higher RPE either 1 long moderate
interval or several higher intensity intervals.

I know what you are thinking what if the 5 k is completed and there is no time for the 5 minute zone 1 cool down (have already thought of that).

If you run out of time  for the cooldown and have completed the 5000 metres then an additional 5 minute zone 1 cooldown is an added bonus! It might sound mean but getting off the rower before a cooldown period is not top be advised. It has something to do with getting dizzy and jelly legs.

HRM zones 2013-08-02_063948
Ideally warmup and cool down in Zone1 and the main part of the workout at high zones.
It may be necessary to change the zones and then review them is 3 months.

My Meds ~TJ22

Currently I am taking the following:

Ramipril – blood pressure

Atorvastation – Cholesterol

Lanzoprazole – gastritis and stomach protection

Aspirin – prophylactically for blood thinning

Bisoporol – blood pressure

Bendroflumethiazide – diuretic for bi lateral oedema of legs

When I was first sent to chest pain clinic I was put on beta blockers, ace inhibitors, calcium channel blockers, aspirin, statins, lanzoprazole, GTN spray, and pain killers (8 a day) I felt worse after the medication than I ever did with the pains. I couldn’t drive, I had to sit at home for two hours after taking the meds before I could go to work, then I was dopey all day.

When i complained to the doctor he more or less told me to stop whining at least I was alive! But I had no quality of life so I started researching my ‘conditions’. NICE was a brilliant site where all research papers could be found, advice to government and GPs re efficacy of pills. I went back and insisted that the cocktail was changed and it was. I felt better by a factor of about 200%.

Eventually i felt normal again so I dropped the blood pressure pills – BIG MISTAKE! Within a week I had a TIA (mini stroke) a blood clot in my neck which had to be tracked and busted, and was admitted three days after this with severe chest pains.

Really folks – NEVER EVER just stop taking this stuff it can KILL you.