Endless Health Issues ~TJ02

Original post from FRIDAY, 11 SEPTEMBER 2009

Seemingly Endless Health Issues – 02

Today’s news

Over the last few years, well 6 really, I have had seemingly endless health issues, I believe that every bit of my body has been tested in one way or another. All in all resulting in a handful of chronic conditions, some of which are life threatening.

During all this I have worked full time, brought up two children, had a part time job (as well as the full time one). The diagnoses and prognoses have changed over time as have the medications and the side effects.

I gave up drinking 16 years ago, I gave up sex 14 years ago, I gave up smoking 18 months ago. Now the medics want me to give up fatty foods, salt (hate it anyway), most meat, seafood and so on. I take so many pills that I rattle, they make me feel so much worse, light headed, exhausted, drained, swollen painful legs and ankles. Many of the pills have to have some of their effects countered by other pills, which cause further issues. And so it goes on. My doctor told me earlier that whatever pills he gives me will make me feel like crap!

Feeling sorry for myself – Yes I AM!

With the pills I could live to be 80 or 90, but I feel too tired to do anything most of the time, but I am not considered to be ill enough to claim benefits, I get up, feed the kids, go to work, come home, feed the kids and sit (one night a week I attend evening classes).

At the weekend I sleep as late as possible on Saturdays, collect my elderly frail mother go shopping return home at 3pm and sleep til 7 or 8 at night, get up feed the kids and sit then sleep.

On Sunday I sleep late, feed the kids, sleep in the afternoon, get up, sit, go to bed.

So this is the life I can live for the next 30 or so years, lets do a poll and see how many people think it is and how many think it is not. In order to try to explain further how I feel – have you ever had real (not man) flu, remember how you felt imagine that all day every day and that is my life, I fall asleep
driving, I get so tired I can’t remember how to type.

I welcome your opinions, I believe that I will get some people having a go at me, in the ‘pull your socks up vein’, and some will be sympathetic.

This is a snap shot of how I felt at the time.

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