The trend ends or does it ~TJ127


So on paper the trend has ended but there is a little wiggle room!

Let me explain – the manufactures error margin stated on the scales is greater than the difference between the red smoothed line and the blue measured line. -0.14 kg SZ

Also the reading was not able to be taken at the normal time.

But the real issue is not the one-off reading today but the ongoing trend in the readings on 12 13 and 14 combined with the reading today on the 15th.


So for me, The weight loser’, the trend line is important because it shows that everything I am doing, both in and very much out of my comfort zone is working. The effort is worth it in the long run. It is not always easy, comfortable or what I want to do. BUT, in order to achieve my goals I just have to keep doing it and not get fed up when there is a slight blip downwards, or worse, and more often the case, not to get cocky when all is going well. Not really much else I can say it’s a downhill slope that has a senseible as opposed to insane angle of descent that is sustainable over a long period because it is going to be a long long time before I reach my goal.

How many calories equals to one kilo? – Yahoo! Answers › All Categories › Health › Diet & Fitness

28 Feb 2008 – 1 kilogram = 2.20462262 pounds 1 pound = 3500 calories.
It takes about 7717 calories to equal 1 kilogram. Take care! :).

Powerful Quote #92 : Thirst


You will do anything when you feel thirsty, whatever it takes to drink water. Same happens when we try to achieve things in our life. Only the thirst for achieving differentiates one another.

– Words by Din

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Clearing up 10 Fitness Fallacies ~TJ126

A great article – well worth a read – and Lisa didn’t delete my comment but responded in a friendly and knowledgeable way!


There seem to be plenty of landmines out there when it comes to safe exercise and dieting. Kick the rumours to the curb so that NOTHING is standing in the way of you and the healthier you.

1.) Static stretching decreases the risk of injury.
Static stretching is the basic move of bending over to touch your toes, pulling your ankles towards your hips. Not only is this ineffective at stretching muscles suitably before exercise, but it can actually increase your chance of injury when muscles are relying on a certain stiffness for stability or force. Rather try a lighter version of the workout you are about to practise to warm up relevant muscles, or even 10 minutes of low-intensity cardio for an all-round, effective warm-up.

ScreenHunter_1068 Nov. 11 11.26 2.) I’m working out, so I can eat whatever I want and still lose weight.
The total amount of calories burnt in a workout…

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Computer aided thinking ~TJ125

M1-2 nos

Now there is a months worth of data since the landmark day. The difference is pretty striking and the number dramatic too. We will come back to what changed around this time.

The other big change is in the graphing capability that google docs now allows.

So after ground zero there were 4 occasions where the blue measured line might have crossed the smoothed line BUT it did not. The measured and smoothed measurements are like an early warning system and seem to accurately predict when thing are getting tight as the buffer zone or safety zone SZ as we call it narrows.

Now on some occasions a large number of “nanobot crews” at work explain this. This is the short duration weight gain seen after a more intensive or longer than usual or increase in the volume or intensity of exercise either cardio or especially strength training.


WPM2 2013-11-14_095513