Getting back in the rhythm ~TJ145

So far I have managed gym 2 days a week for a couple of weeks and am feeling better, weight is yoyoing about quite a bit. The last two weekends have just been mum emergency dominated so no chance to do the long fartlek workouts that I love, weather has been cold, foggy, stormy and just nowhere to exercise in safety (rural area no street lights or pavements) except the gym.


I try and do something different on treadmill and rower on every visit. last night I thought I would give gradient a go on the treadmill – started at 0 and 4 kmh increased gradient by 0.5 every 30 seconds for 10 minutes, was all OK began to feel it at around 8 minutes and struggled for last 30 seconds.


Always have a feeling of instability on the treadmill so last night I tried wearing normal old comfy trainers and not running shoes, it felt so much better, must try that again see if it was just an anomaly, I always use the same treadmill so that is a constant factor.


As my poor little legs were tired and achy I did a straight ten minutes on rower 1250m, these are all benchmarks for me to beat in coming weeks.

Big sudden inexplicable weight gain yesterday and a big sudden inexplicable weight loss today – I weigh daily in order to get statistical data and a decent trend line – ask Steve lol

A new trend ~TJ132

So the downward trend of weight loss seems to have stopped and a new scenario emerges from the ashes :

Slight movement around weight up/down by about 0.1 kg a day and increases in muscle mass and decreases in fat mass, this usually leads to a nice drop in weight when the nanobots trot off on holiday after fixing the muscles.

Steve the figures wizard has noted a 21- 28 day pattern in my figures since March. I have long held the belief that despite being post menopausal there is still a ghost menstrual cycle going on, that the body continues to retain water, swell breasts etc even though there is no hormonal dictat to follow. I would be interested to see if other women feel this too, I know my mother does, maybe it’s just us and we have some weird gene!

Whatever the reason the pattern is there and seems set in stone, we will both have to study it and compare to recorded exercise, food diaries etc and try to work out what the drivers are and what the consequences are and whether it can all be used to make the health/weight loss better and easier.


Gobsmacked ~TJ113


A huge drop!

Another one of those landmark days a HUGE drop in weight,
well from 88.1 kg to 87.5 kg

I have done next to nothing this week by way of exercise , had one ‘fast’ day, perhaps my poor old body needed a rest or perhaps something else is at play?

Whatever and whyever it is I am a happy bunny – even enjoying my porridge after handing over a full on fry up to son for his breakfast! I have my mini fried brekkie at the weekend when I can really savour it. i find that, for me, a ‘treat / cheat’ has to be that something special, time taken to truly enjoy it or there is no point.


The line that really matters is the orange line but the blue line is
pretty exciting at the moment. This is now a November challenge
to see just what is possible over one month.

The confusing thing is that we are now 18 days into a downward continuous
trend so I will post some numbers tomorrow or over the weekend.

So good or bad the 30 day November challenge is on.
This graph is from Open Office Calc  spreadsheet WT-NC-005.ods


This graph shows how the Measured & Smoothed figures vary

M&S - all-time -01-2013-11-01_194054

This is the M & S data plotted since records began


The “smoothed” figure is normally higher than the measured figure – the “maths” keeps a little credit or loss in reserve and drip feeds it into the results over time – assuming there is not a gain. If there is a gain it buffers the gain and uses its reserve to avoid sharp changes,

Dream day ~TJ108

Beach of dreams

Beach of dreams

What a brilliant start to the day, had the drop in visceral fat yesterday and this morning was just the most perfect weigh in so far.

Weight – down
Muscle mass – up
Fat mass – down
Calories required – down
BMI – down
Visceral – constant

Waist, abs and hips all smaller

Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket! But then again I don’t think the way I feel can be beaten. I earned this day, I worked, sweated and cried for it, I went way out of my comfort zone in so many areas of my life and it has all come together on this day.

Couldn’t have done it without Steve and the full support of my family – thanks all

And now onward and upward still a way to go – can’t get complacent.

Can’t wait to see what graphics Steve will add to this!

Happy, happy, happy ~TJ106

run - 2013-10-22_095850Little note to share my joy, I had a one unit drop in visceral fat today – wooo hoo! It’s been a long time coming and will probably wobble around for a bit before it settles but great news, a little bit safer from all those diseases now!

Makes all the sweat worthwhile, also dropped a bit of weight this past week !