Computer aided thinking ~TJ125

M1-2 nos

Now there is a months worth of data since the landmark day. The difference is pretty striking and the number dramatic too. We will come back to what changed around this time.

The other big change is in the graphing capability that google docs now allows.

So after ground zero there were 4 occasions where the blue measured line might have crossed the smoothed line BUT it did not. The measured and smoothed measurements are like an early warning system and seem to accurately predict when thing are getting tight as the buffer zone or safety zone SZ as we call it narrows.

Now on some occasions a large number of “nanobot crews” at work explain this. This is the short duration weight gain seen after a more intensive or longer than usual or increase in the volume or intensity of exercise either cardio or especially strength training.


WPM2 2013-11-14_095513



So weird – what happened on Mon 14 th ~TJ110


notice something different this month !

I started doing something different this month – any idea – what and when – I am not sure myself yet – so tonight I will be going through my records and seeing if there is an easy thing to isolate.
Also possible that the changes would have required a few days to start coming into effect from a measurement point of view!