New targets ~TJ149

The weight loss took a big nose dive lately (whoops) never mind all is not lost, recovery is on the way.

My new target is to be overweight, as opposed to obese , by 12th April. This means losing about 10kg and moving from current BMI of 33.6 to sub 30. The time period is 65 days so an average daily weight loss of 5 and a bit ounces is required!!!! This is going to be a tough couple of months, so far in this journey I have lost about 5 stone, I aim to lose at least another 2 if not 4, that has yet to be decided. But………………….

This is what i am aiming for

This is what i am aiming for

There is a possibility that I am gluten intolerant or allergic to wheat or yeast, this week, on doctors orders, I am eating wheat products ready for blood tests next week. depending on the results of that I may have to change certain eating habits anyway. In the meantime I intend to try and only eat non processed foods – which is more or less what I do now but I do eat bacon, coffee whitener, sausages, occasionally burgers, fish and chips, pizza.

To get the target I will need to watch nutrition closely and reduce the number of ’empty’ calories, those that fill but give nothing for the body to use.

Specially for Steve! (I have a thing for Snickers)

Specially for Steve! (I have a thing for Snickers)

So my fight against the flab is back in earnest, time for coasting to cease, the battle lines have been drawn. Wish me luck

Old age or DOMS? ~TJ143

My legs really ached after gym on Monday, all was OK yesterday but this morning WOW they ache.

Is this DOMS , old age or arthritis or a combination of all three.

Gym tonight we shall see – weight static for three days, this is unusual for me hopefully a sizeable drop to follow

Shape and size change ~TJ134

Apologies for not writing for a while, have been mega busy, slightly off the weight loss/get fit/get healthy campaign. Life has gotten in the way big time for the last few days

I wanted people to see that if you just keep doing it – eating properly, doing some exercise and believing in yourself then it does work. I spoke to a young lady at the weekend who told me that at 18 stone she couldn’t lose weight it was ‘too much to do’ and ‘impossible to achieve’ I showed her a picture of me in April 2011 at nearly 19 stone and aged 56, with angina, high blood pressure, gastritis and chronic arthritis.

April 13th 2011

April 13th 2011

November 29th 2013

November 29th 2013

As you can see. I am much smaller and the shape has changed significantly – still a long way to go and still that ‘lovely’ English apple shape, but I am getting there! I do not have tons of loose skin, I am fit, healthier than I have been in years and generally am feeling on top of the world.

Dreadmill continues ~TJ130

Well, I am still alive after thre or four sessions on the dreadmill! I am gradually becoming used to it, but tonight I discovered that I really don’t like being next to someone else running. I find myself trying to keep up with them, and in my case it was a fit young man covered in sweat and going hell for leather.

I also discovered that I can step back a bit from the controls and that improved the way I was running, but I still feel very flat footed and heavy on the dreaded thing! I shall, of course , persevere but I don’t actually have to enjoy it to do it do I?

The trend ends or does it ~TJ127


So on paper the trend has ended but there is a little wiggle room!

Let me explain – the manufactures error margin stated on the scales is greater than the difference between the red smoothed line and the blue measured line. -0.14 kg SZ

Also the reading was not able to be taken at the normal time.

But the real issue is not the one-off reading today but the ongoing trend in the readings on 12 13 and 14 combined with the reading today on the 15th.


So for me, The weight loser’, the trend line is important because it shows that everything I am doing, both in and very much out of my comfort zone is working. The effort is worth it in the long run. It is not always easy, comfortable or what I want to do. BUT, in order to achieve my goals I just have to keep doing it and not get fed up when there is a slight blip downwards, or worse, and more often the case, not to get cocky when all is going well. Not really much else I can say it’s a downhill slope that has a senseible as opposed to insane angle of descent that is sustainable over a long period because it is going to be a long long time before I reach my goal.

How many calories equals to one kilo? – Yahoo! Answers › All Categories › Health › Diet & Fitness

28 Feb 2008 – 1 kilogram = 2.20462262 pounds 1 pound = 3500 calories.
It takes about 7717 calories to equal 1 kilogram. Take care! :).