Parkrun 3 ~TJ90

Well an out and out disaster, got up really early, got ready, got all my stuff together and then got stuck behind the slowest driver in the world and was two minutes late  – time therefore was rubbish! It was coldish, foggy and damp. I was going to bale out half way round but decided against that.

As usual I was all alone with the back runner and we chatted as we trotted along and then it was over before I realised.

But on the plus side, I then did a mile and a quarter walk with my group. Afterwards I was going to walk slowly round the course and mark the hills on my phone with the digifit lap counter. So two leaders and two walkers decided to join me.

All told I have walked or run over 6 miles today am tired, had no money with me so no breakfast 😦



Temper tantrum ~TJ85

I admit it – I had a major tantrum this morning. Every day since starting this lifestyle change with Steve I have got up, had a wee and waited for……… no delicate way to put it lol – waste disposal!

After this I strip off and weigh and measure, this is usually an exciting process because mostly the weight is down or stable and the fat mass is down and muscle mass up – as a general trend – not every single day.

This morning, after a great run yesterday, which was followed by a mile and a quarter walk with a walking group, (links below) I did the usual. To my absolute and abject horror I had gained nearly 2 kilos – almost 4 pounds. I went from 0 – ballistic in nanoseconds, there were tears, much foul language and general noise and ranting. I sent poor Steve an e-mail full of depression, anger and hurt.

Some while later I realised that it was the repair crews and nanobots in to fix my muscles after all the damage I did yesterday – whoops. I got an e-mail from Steve telling me so at about the same time that I realised. By this time I had skipped breakfast and lunch in an attempt to fast for 24 hours to shift the weight or water or whatever evil thing had invaded my body.

All this of course relates beautifully to the chimp thing.

When Steve first started to explain the mechanics of diet, exercise, nutrition and brain to me, he told me about the reptilian instinctive brain that controls all the basic stuff and is about survival. I knew of this from before but now for some reason it resonated and I found Lizzie – my inner lizard. She and I chat sometimes about how I want it to be! Well chat is maybe not the right word, it’s more me telling her to do stuff to help me. Sounds daft, but when I am running and I can’t get my breath or the burning starts in the legs I tell her I have to run or we will not survive (then I make up some rubbish about being chased by something), maybe it is the simple act of NOT thinking about the issue that stops it becoming a problem. I don’t care what it is but it works for me.

So, after Lizzie was ‘born’, further explanations followed about how the body tears muscle when exercising and then it all gets repaired, and it is better and stronger after the repairs. Being me I imagined nanobots and lizards doing the work and that is what Steve and I now call it 🙂

I went so far as to have a drawing of calf muscle repairs done to illustrate to Steve what I felt was happening – how I perceived his scientific explanation. I like it as just a picture but it is very symbolic of my journey. I had it done on five squids (link below) by a very talented man called Pixomanic.

How I imagine my muscles being repaired

How I imagine my muscles being repaired

Parkrun PB Smashed by over 5 minutes ~TJ79

Well with all the ‘encouragement’ (non-stop nagging ) of Steve, I decided to revisit the Parkrun. For me it was a perfect day, chilly, overcast with a hint of rain in the air.

I arrived with a few minutes to go, found the back runner explained my strategy and that I would be a lot slower than the field and that I was trying to beat 55 minutes (records from the Race for Life and first Parkrun) and that I would be ralking.

In conjunction with others and the Walking Well Carmarthenshire group a new walking group for people wishing to ease into walking, after injury, illness and lack of activity was scheduled to start an hour after the Parkrun, myself and my fellow volunteers agreed to meet at 10, so I had to be finished by then.

In my head I had planned to run 0.5 miles , then walk til HR had settled around the 140 mark then run again. I forgot that after the start bit there was a long uphill stretch where I knew if I ran for 0.5 mile I would not be able to finish at all let alone in a decent time; then I remembered some advice Steve had given me for training. So I ran pretty quickly, but not as quick as possible for a reasonable distance and then walked quickly at just under running pace for a while til ready to run again.

My digifit app was yelling out the time/distance/HR and pace and I aimed for 14:anything , trying to get a time of around 45/46 minutes.

The last hill (incline to Steve) is a short but steepish climb and at this point the back runner could see I was losing it, he jogged up and chatted to me about my time, pace and that I had loads of time, be careful not to take an injury etc. He got me over the hill by distracting me. We were joined by two ladies who volunteered to take over the baby sitting we chatted about the time again and decided that I should sprint finish which they did with me. Not sure how fast or far that was as I forgot to hit lap button. DOH!

I got a round of applause and a time of ….. Drum Roll………50.05 – perfect and nice and symmetrical too, in case you’re wondering that’s an improvement of 335 seconds on the last time or 335/60 = 5.58 minutes

Thanks for nagging/encouraging me Steve – if you hadn’t I would never have done it!