Hurty legs ~TJ146

Been doing the hiit on the treadmill and the rower, some swimming and general walking about, but no fartlek or big sessions since November.

So Sunday was the day and I really had to force myself to do it. Decided to go somewhere new and climb the hill to the castle on top, which I have never been able to do in the 22 years I have lived in Wales.

Part of the hill to the castle - I ran half of it

Part of the hill to the castle – I ran half of it

Ruins from the turret, the bay and Ferryside in the background

Ruins from the turret, the bay and Ferryside in the background

So I walked the mile up to the castle, mooched around a bit, walked back down, then for a quick spin on the beach and home. Woke up really achy this morning.

Gym after work and did a hiit with gradients on the treadmill, sustained 5 minutes at 10% gradient at 4.2 kmh, then down to 4% for a bit and back up to 8% to finish – ouch. So, being a fool I jumped on the rowing machine and did a solid 15 minutes of rowing until my legs were screaming.

So now I am sitting here ouching and dreading tomorrow – but I had a lovely day, peaceful and exciting at the same time.

Out of the groove but trying ~TJ135

Hi all, not having the best time of it fitness and health wise but I am soldiering on! (puts on brave face) Got to the gym last night only to find it moved to another part of the leisure centre. They were doing some maintenance, much needed; but the alternative accommodation was small and cramped and the free weights area was in the centre of everything. Made it difficult for everyone, there were queues for what equipment did fit in the room.

So I baled and went for a sauna instead, must say it does wonders for a cold, sinuses etc.

I did have a lovely long walk on the beach on Saturday – started a collection of foot/paw/hoof/claw prints

Dog and me

Dog and me

Giant dog?

Giant dog?

2 Horses

2 Horses

Something tracked

Something tracked

Hiit ~TJ133

Well I thought it was about time I listened to Steve’s advice and did a bit of Hiit, it was a lot harder than i thought it would be!

I downloaded an app called Impetus which has several preset Hiit routines and selected giant pyramid starts and ends with three minutes warmup/cooldown. Every low part is 60 seconds and the hard parts are, 30, 45, 60, 90, 60, 45, 30 seconds long. I found a nice flat piece of land in the local park and off I went.

It was fun but very hard doing that second minute, what was very good about the app was that you could alter settings, I got a ten second countdown before each transition, and it beeped all through the hard parts. I enjoyed it, was a bit wobbly legged afterwards but had a rest and then ran around as I wanted to for a few minutes.

The graph of my pace, the elevation and heart rate, you can see the different work periods quite easily.


I had a little sit down on a tree stump when i had finished the Hiit, what do you see the pattern as? I see a rabbit with ears like wings – perhaps I shouldn’t have eaten those mushrooms from the woods? 😀

2013-11-24 13.29.51

A major breakthrough ~TJ121

Anyone who knows me will know my terror of treadmills, following a hospital test which caused an angina attack!

So Steve does his magic drip drip drip technique and some while back I actually walked on one, the lady at the gym was amazing – I explained my fear and she stood next to me, chatting for a full five minutes as I walked on the flat, slow, treadmill. My knuckles were pure white, I was attached to a ‘deadman’s brake’. I got off feeling terrible, headache, stiff shoulders and fingers from gripping so hard.

Gradually over time I have gotten to a point where I can walk quite quickly, without hanging on, for up to half an hour.

Tonight – for the first time ever, I RAN on the treadmill, not mega fast, but without holding on and for 5 whole minutes. It felt very odd, completely different from ‘real’ running. It was not an experience which I enjoyed (except the victory over my fear) and not one I look forward to doing again.

I have been very down recently due to many things in my life and have missed exercising for a whole week, but my little stint at the gym has made me feel alive again – I’m back!

The beach experience ~TJ105

So, yesterday was to be a day for me to sort out my head, do some training and so on. Love the countryside and woods etc., but fancied a change so I took myself off to my local old-fashioned seaside village. There is a proper level crossing, with a nice man in the booth who often hangs out the window for a chat!

The level crossing - cool

The level crossing – cool

There are toilets, a restaurant, a seaside shop, a pub, a yacht club, a lifeboat station (not RNLI) and several churches in the village, it is decidedly ‘quaint’ and one of my favourite places to visit. The scenery is unspoilt and varies from sandy beaches, to rocks and a sort of marshland.

This beach has it all

This beach has it all

Above is the marshy type sand where the seabirds seem to gather in numbers, I assume the huge rocks have been placed there by man as a sea defence, the sea comes all the way in.

Food for the soul sea and country melding together

Food for the soul sea and country melding together

The intermediate beach, shale, the marshy bit in the background.

Pure sand and man-made sea defences, just around the headland is a village called St Ishmaels

Pure sand and man made sea defences, just around the headland is a village called St Ishmaels

Then the sandy part of the beach, the sand is not ‘sand’ coloured, it is more of a cream colour. In places quite boggy and easy to sink into. There are cockle beds with fishing rights given to some families for generations back.

For those interested the history of Ferryside can be found here:

My day was split into two parts, the first a ralk session, and I had initially to run into the wind, I met a fellow runner and he said it was lovely when you turned around and the wind was behind you! There was no set programme for the ralk, just do what felt right, avoid injury and enjoy. I did about 2.5 miles like this in around 50 minutes or so. Running on sand, even hard packed wet sand, is very different from woods and tarmac!

The second half of my day was more to just enjoy being in the open, the sea ‘breeze’ – more like a force nine gale!

Wind in the hair

Wind in the hair

Such a good look 🙂

The effects of the wind - on my hair and clothes and the sand - it almost looks like ripples in the sea.

The effects of the wind – on my hair and clothes and the sand – it almost looks like ripples in the sea.

I love the ripple effect on the sand, very decptive, tried loads of times to get a shadow image of my wild hair – not very successfully, but not that bad.

So I strolled around the beach, took photos, sat and watched the water, listened to the wind, collected some stones and generally felt refreshed and at one with the owrld.

Found a very nice souvenir of the day

My 'name ' stone'

My ‘name ‘ stone’

A tiny stone with my initial on.

All in all a lovely day, dry, windy, raw nature, walked and/or ran for five miles.