Despair and euphoria the video ~TJ124

Its a roller coaster ride is often over used but now here it is on video, It could be the most boring video ever created but it means a lot.

In the last 29 days and counting there has been a downward trend in weight BUT for a month before that the numbers were all over the place the comparison could not be more dramatic!

This is the first video capture of data shown in GDocs spreadsheet so please excuse the less than perfect or polished end result it is really a proof of concept – could data be displayed dynamically – and displayed in real time over different time periods.


The red N show negative loss or gain in weight the P show 29 days of positive loss

These graph below are from google docs

BigPic - 2013-11-13_104622

Big Picture


1 month

Flateau1 - 2013-11-13_104417

Flateau 1

Flateau2 - 2013-11-13_104513

Flateau 2