Fartlek – I love it ~TJ62

Apparently my haphazard training has a name – Fartlek – this comes from Sweden and I love it, did that on Wednesday and did some hill running intervals tonight. I promised Steve that I would do a Parkrun (properly) in September so am sort of training for that,

I am enjoying the testing of my body and spirit, and exploring the different types of training and running that there are, great fun indeed and a good sense of achievement.

Slash and Burn ~TG01

So, it started, the clearing of the back garden. There were years of accumuated kid rubbish, toys, shoes etc buried in the ground, next door neighbours kids throwing their crisp bags, pop cans and bottles over the fence. A complete mess, landlords builders removed chimney and dumped all the debris in the garden, resulting in a huge pile of bricks. Some concrete slabs which had disappeared under the undergrowth.

First we had to slash, and then burn. Love it felt like a Viking invader (sorry Sweden and other Nordic lands- no offense intended)