The beach experience ~TJ105

So, yesterday was to be a day for me to sort out my head, do some training and so on. Love the countryside and woods etc., but fancied a change so I took myself off to my local old-fashioned seaside village. There is a proper level crossing, with a nice man in the booth who often hangs out the window for a chat!

The level crossing - cool

The level crossing – cool

There are toilets, a restaurant, a seaside shop, a pub, a yacht club, a lifeboat station (not RNLI) and several churches in the village, it is decidedly ‘quaint’ and one of my favourite places to visit. The scenery is unspoilt and varies from sandy beaches, to rocks and a sort of marshland.

This beach has it all

This beach has it all

Above is the marshy type sand where the seabirds seem to gather in numbers, I assume the huge rocks have been placed there by man as a sea defence, the sea comes all the way in.

Food for the soul sea and country melding together

Food for the soul sea and country melding together

The intermediate beach, shale, the marshy bit in the background.

Pure sand and man-made sea defences, just around the headland is a village called St Ishmaels

Pure sand and man made sea defences, just around the headland is a village called St Ishmaels

Then the sandy part of the beach, the sand is not ‘sand’ coloured, it is more of a cream colour. In places quite boggy and easy to sink into. There are cockle beds with fishing rights given to some families for generations back.

For those interested the history of Ferryside can be found here:

My day was split into two parts, the first a ralk session, and I had initially to run into the wind, I met a fellow runner and he said it was lovely when you turned around and the wind was behind you! There was no set programme for the ralk, just do what felt right, avoid injury and enjoy. I did about 2.5 miles like this in around 50 minutes or so. Running on sand, even hard packed wet sand, is very different from woods and tarmac!

The second half of my day was more to just enjoy being in the open, the sea ‘breeze’ – more like a force nine gale!

Wind in the hair

Wind in the hair

Such a good look 🙂

The effects of the wind - on my hair and clothes and the sand - it almost looks like ripples in the sea.

The effects of the wind – on my hair and clothes and the sand – it almost looks like ripples in the sea.

I love the ripple effect on the sand, very decptive, tried loads of times to get a shadow image of my wild hair – not very successfully, but not that bad.

So I strolled around the beach, took photos, sat and watched the water, listened to the wind, collected some stones and generally felt refreshed and at one with the owrld.

Found a very nice souvenir of the day

My 'name ' stone'

My ‘name ‘ stone’

A tiny stone with my initial on.

All in all a lovely day, dry, windy, raw nature, walked and/or ran for five miles.



My aims ~TJ67

When my son was home from uni we were discussing what I was aiming to achieve with all the healthy eating and exercise. From this very simple question came a torrent of information and different outcomes which I had to try to justify to him (very logical boy).

Firstly – I wanted to improve my health – he liked that

Secondly – I wanted to lose weight – same as first aim according to Mr Logical

Thirdly – I wanted to be fit  – same as 1 and 2 he says

Fourthly – I want to be a size 12 – this completely flummoxed him he had no conception that women’s clothes came in sizes. We discussed men and women’s clothing ie trousers come in a waist size not a generic number, he could not grasp that women’s clothes were graded according to standard measurements.

So being a scientific sort, off he went to investigate, we discovered some startling facts. Each clothing chain decides on its own measurements for sizes and these can be very varied indeed.

Dress Sizes on the high street

Dress Sizes on the high street from an article in the Daily Mail

As you can see there is a two to three inch difference in bust, waist and hip sizes from just these few shops, so my son asks how can you want to be something that simply does not exist in reality?

My turn to be confused, the more I tried to explain, the more confused I became. Eventually I had to concede that he was correct, there is no actual size 12, but I am certain that the vast majority of women in the UK would have an image in their heads of what the shape and proportion of a size 12 was.

So my aims then have changed due to the chat with my son (lasted for an entire evening), health, fitness and no blubber regardless of size.

During the investigations we found this image from showing five women all weighing 154 pounds (11 stone) – slightly less than I would have thought for me to be size 12 at 5′ 4″.

Five women of varying height all weighing 11 stone

Five women of varying height all weighing 11 stone

Just goes to show that you cannot select a size or a weight and hope to be the shape you want – that is affected by height, body composition and many other factors – over to Steve for geek stuff on body composition, how to improve it, toning, conditioning (whatever that is – makes me think of Bob Martin’s conditioning powders for the dogs coat)