Aches and pains ~TJ144

Monday I was aching after the gym, Tuesday I felt fine, this morning ( I felt that I may have had DOMS.


Gradually during the day the ache went – old age and arthritis then says the jury! So off I go all happy to the gym where the treadmill awaits.

Just done a minute on treadmill and laces come undone, I stop the machine and then it won’t restart, not keen anyway so rather than wait for an instructor I jump on the rower. Instead of a hiit I think I know I’ll do 5k I have 38 minutes before I have to leave to collect son from work!

All I can say is ouch ouch ouch, and yay that feels great – I did it. Was flagging a bit and two guys came along and were racing each other so I joined in got the 5k done in 36 min 10 seconds – was very pleased with that and I could feel the sweat despite the arctic air conditioning. I may suffer more tomorrow but that is apparently good, so Steve tells me!

First gym visit of the year ~TJ137

Well I made it, after a long break (Since October), I got to the gym and my ‘favourite’ treadmill had been taken by someone


So I got on a rowing machine – prefer that anyway! I decided not to go mad. Steve says I don’t ‘do’ moderation! Well I did last night, I went nice and steady for 14 minutes and went nuts for the last minute.

Then did about ten minutes on the treadmill. jelly legs by now so off for a swim – heaven!

2 lengths at 1 minute each followed by one at 55 seconds and a final one at 50 seconds. All followed by a sauna and jacuzzi.

Not too bad for a first effort more to come, onward and upward.

The Dreadmill ~TJ123

God help me but I went back to the gym and did a bit more on the infernal machine, feels so very awkward and as if there is more impact. All the rowing machines were taken/broken (as usual) so I had two goes on the dreadmill.

Horrible ‘young’ people ‘music’ blaring out all over the place, it even drowned out my headphones which were trying to play nice ‘old’ people music!

So I got on did a little warm up and then ran for about 5 minutes, tried a rowing machine – broken so went back on the treadmill – do a little interval I thought! Silly me, got over-excited. You know how you click something on a touch screen and nothing happens ? Then you click again and again……. so all of a sudden I went from 5.5 kmh to 7.00 kmh and was slipping about the place, hanging on for grim death and hit the stop button.



The stop button also was reluctant to accept my gentle caresses, so I went back to trying to decrease the speed with the minus button, that worked, this felt like hours but was only about a minute – did the interval then !

I understand the benefits of these machines, like I understand the necessity to pay tax but I don’t like doing either ! I will persevere because it is good for me to overcome fear of inanimate objects and irrational phobias, perhaps like running, I will come to love the things. Never say never.

HIIT-02 Interval Training ~TJ53


Sweat equity

HIIT-03 - 2013-08-16_100134 Wow that was really hard going, I didn’t think I would finish it – but I did!

HIIT-02 2013-08-16_100049

HRM failed to be in contact with the skin for the middle part of the workout.

The graph look really scrappy and not as nice and consistent as Tuesday. But a good workout, had some problems with the technology.

I downloaded a brilliant app to sort out the intervals so I got told when to run, when to walk and so on. Post coming soon on the apps and HRM belt and its use.

No stitch this time, but did get a bit of shin splints, no knee or hip ache or pain, some twinges in ankles.

Think I will consider this week as a test run for me and the technology. Big jump up in exercise regime which is now:

  • Sunday Run/walk intervals, followed by as long a walk as I can do at a gentle pace
  • Monday Gym for weight training and rowing / swimming
  • Tuesday run/walk intervals as per programme
  • Wednesday – see Monday
  • Thursday run/walk intervals as per programme
  • Friday – see Monday
  • Saturday – shopping, mum’s housework and rest from exercise (of a formal nature) perhaps an afternoon sleep

Still the results are good so must keep on keeping on.