Training ~TJ102


Sometimes it all comes together. Sometimes it seems a never ending linked series of life’s conspiracies will prevent even part of what you intended to do to be done. Then sometimes there is a window of opportunity to put one over on the universe!

I think it is 90% “preparation, perseverance and good intention” 10% good fortune. So if your schedule has gone to pot  – take your workout kit with you just in case there is a sneaky opportunity.

I knew there would be an opportunity to use the picture I saw. Even if the link to training is a little tenuous. I really have no idea if the image is faked but I like to think it was a sincere outpouring of emotion from the dog or their owner. I do know that many years ago a young father while gardening found a book on the garden path. It was a book his mother had given to his young wife – the best selling book of all time second to the bible apparently. Its message to mothers is that “you know more than you think you do.”

When the young Dad asked how or why the book had ended up on the garden path – a hefty toss your the upstairs window – she replied that “she didn’t need his help! ( Benjamin SpockThe Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care )

Training recently has been extra difficult due to family pressures, but suddenly this week I could run on two consecutive nights. 🙂

So last night I go to my favourite place to run – Mynydd Mawr – dark, unlit, woods. I was scared stiff and only lasted about 14 minutes.

Tonight I got to run at 5 pm on the rugby pitch outside my office, my legs turned to lead, there was just no energy in my body, I had been really looking forward to an hours run on the flat, weather was good, ground soft. I simply did not have the energy to run fast or far.

Strength exercises needed I think!

With hindsight – all that matters is getting out there – if the prospect of the workout helps get through the working day and be more productive then it’s a bonus.


Parkrun PB Smashed by over 5 minutes ~TJ79

Well with all the ‘encouragement’ (non-stop nagging ) of Steve, I decided to revisit the Parkrun. For me it was a perfect day, chilly, overcast with a hint of rain in the air.

I arrived with a few minutes to go, found the back runner explained my strategy and that I would be a lot slower than the field and that I was trying to beat 55 minutes (records from the Race for Life and first Parkrun) and that I would be ralking.

In conjunction with others and the Walking Well Carmarthenshire group a new walking group for people wishing to ease into walking, after injury, illness and lack of activity was scheduled to start an hour after the Parkrun, myself and my fellow volunteers agreed to meet at 10, so I had to be finished by then.

In my head I had planned to run 0.5 miles , then walk til HR had settled around the 140 mark then run again. I forgot that after the start bit there was a long uphill stretch where I knew if I ran for 0.5 mile I would not be able to finish at all let alone in a decent time; then I remembered some advice Steve had given me for training. So I ran pretty quickly, but not as quick as possible for a reasonable distance and then walked quickly at just under running pace for a while til ready to run again.

My digifit app was yelling out the time/distance/HR and pace and I aimed for 14:anything , trying to get a time of around 45/46 minutes.

The last hill (incline to Steve) is a short but steepish climb and at this point the back runner could see I was losing it, he jogged up and chatted to me about my time, pace and that I had loads of time, be careful not to take an injury etc. He got me over the hill by distracting me. We were joined by two ladies who volunteered to take over the baby sitting we chatted about the time again and decided that I should sprint finish which they did with me. Not sure how fast or far that was as I forgot to hit lap button. DOH!

I got a round of applause and a time of ….. Drum Roll………50.05 – perfect and nice and symmetrical too, in case you’re wondering that’s an improvement of 335 seconds on the last time or 335/60 = 5.58 minutes

Thanks for nagging/encouraging me Steve – if you hadn’t I would never have done it!

Almost half a mile – in one go!!! ~TJ63

I am soooooooooooooooo pleased with myself that I just had to tell the world that tonight, for the first time ever, I RAN, yes RAN not walked, jogged or ralked 0.45 miles in ONE GO!

It wasn’t particularly fast at a pace of 15:42 but it was a long way for me and I am very pleased with my progress. Steve is back with us now so perhaps he will do his superb geek thing with the numbers.

I used to hate Sundays ~TJ60

What a horrible boring day Sunday was when I was young, you had to be in early to ‘get ready for school’ ie a bath in the afternoon, then P J’s all evening and early bed time. Then as a teenager it didn’t improve, parents found loads of stuff for you to do in the house. As a married woman it seemed to always be about visiting his parents or doing his hobbies.

Sundays changed when I became a mother and especially when I became a single mother, the Sundays were about good times with the kids, playing, exploring, teaching, learning – the best Sundays of my life to that point.

Once again I have started to look forward to Sundays, I can take myself off into nature, relative peace and quiet, birds, trees, small creatures. I am able to spare as much time as I want / need just to be, to exist, to try to find a centre for myself.

Now that I have started running I can also feel completely free for the few seconds / minutes that I am able to run, I cannot believe or really yet understand why there is such a sense of empowerment, wonder, joy, freedom, naturalness about running – even for the short bursts I do. The faster I run the better I feel, I really have to hold myself back (because Steve says so!)