To fartlek or not to fartlek? ~TJ103

Yay it’s the weekend, I have my walking group, and normal domestic stuff but otherwise I have quite a few hours that are purely mine. I have little spare cash, (like most people at the moment), so pleasures have to be simple and cheap – great for the soul!

running - 2013-09-16_093418

So it will be running somewhere. I live in Wales so there is a tendency for lots of hills and rain! I may drive to the coast tomorrow and run on the beach in sand – have not done that since I was a child, that sounds very good. Will all depend on how today goes, half parkrun after walking group is favourite.

Tomorrow a nice long fartlek session on the beach sounds great – update tomorrow when I have released my soul to do it’s thing.

Walking in the rain ~TJ35

2013-08-07 17.11.15

Tonight’s session was preceded by black clouds and heavy rain, I drove to the meeting point really hoping that it would be called off.

I have a 5k walk that I am supposed to do on Saturday and then a championship race on Sunday.  I will be last being the only walker. I have paid so I will compete and I may get a better time than the last one!

The parkrun is the one that scares me, last time I walked there, in the extreme heat, I got ill and haven’t gone back since.

I will have to go there this Saturday as I am meeting with the Park staff to arrange a walking event for people just starting to exercise. I will see how I feel on Saturday as to whether I do the parkrun / walk or not.

So many things to do, so little time, I wish I could win the lottery (who doesn’t?) then I could concentrate solely on getting fit and slim.