My legs ache ~TJ142

As you know I am creeping back from adding half a stone in weight and no exercise for a period of some weeks. Steve and I decided it would be best to start slowly and build back up to where I was rather than go crazy and try to recoup all the gains/losses in a week!

The plan was to aim for 2 gym sessions a week and two walks/runs/ralks a week, strength stuff to be added later, nutrition to be improved straight away. I have to say that the improved nutrition has solved my resurgent IBS problem – I won’t give you the horrific details unless you ask very nicely  😀

run - 2013-10-22_095850

So far so good, more or less to plan until Mum got ill and had to help out on Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday, I managed to lead walking group on Saturday but everything else went out the window! Such is life.

Tonight I had the opportunity to go to the gym for about an hour (including changing time), off I toddle, get changed and jump on the treadmill. Gym for me at the moment is ten minutes treadmill and twenty minutes rower. I am still scared of the treadmill, so did a minute at 3 kmh, then 1 at 5 kmh, then 1 at 6 kmh (all hands off equipment – a big deal for me) followed by 7 at 5 kmh.

Onto the rower, I have been doing a variety of different hiit patterns on the rowing machine, tonight was a full on session, I was feeling good, so wanted to push a bit especially as I had missed three sessions at weekend.



3 minute warm up then a full 15 minutes of 30 second intervals – high/low. High was from 28 spm to 45 spm and low was as slow as 20 spm, the biggest difficulty I had was ignoring the pace of the two ladies either side of me, I find it very easy to try and match other people’s pace. I had to sit and rest for a full two minutes afterwards as my legs were like jelly and now, 5 hours later, they ache like crazy.

achy legs

All my fault for not continuing with the moderation theme, and now those pesky nanobots will be back, but this has been the pattern of my weight loss and fitness gains for the last year, exercise, weight gain (while repairs are going on) weight loss for a few days then stabilisation. I’m good all in the right general direction. I know what to do, how to do it and I just need to keep on doing it. As Steve has said from the start:

It’s simple but not easy!

Post 10k ~TJ98

I expected to be tired, have DOMS and loads of little nanobots in fixing my muscles after yesterday – and the temporary weight gain that that brings – but nothing, no pain, a slightly sore ankle is all.

Does this mean I didn’t work as hard as I thought, or does it mean that I am fitter than i thought I was? Or does it mean absolutely nothing and I should stop psycho analysing everything in my life and just accept that sometimes things just are what they are!

Inspiration from my mother ~TJ33

I have had a very bad morning, my mother asked me to help with housework, so of course I did. When I got there I was shocked to see how tired and weak she was. Eventually she went back to bed and I got on with the work, but was becoming more upset as I worked, I had the feeling that she was dying, not imminently, but sooner than expected.

When I had all my health issues a few years ago she was relatively healthy for a woman in her sixties, but she refused to listen to doctors telling her to give up smoking and alcohol, to eat properly and to exercise more. Over the last five years she has had many new conditions, cellulitis which knocked her for six was the first, leaving her frightened and frailer than before the illness.

Then the arthritis got worse and was accompanied by osteoprosis, still at this point she could do something like more exercise, healthier food – all the usual suspects. 2 years ago she was diagnosed with emphysema and continues to smoke 250 cigarettes a week at a cost of about £70.00 a week. She continues to eat a poor diet, high in sugar and salt (she has low blood pressure) and was recently diagnosed with Diabetes 2. She has cut back a little but basically lives on cakes, biscuits, chocolate and a tiny dinner everyday. She is unable to stay awake for longer than a few hours at a time, she is exhausted all the time and as her daughter it is terrible to watch her suffer and deteriorate on a daily basis.

This then, is my biggest motivator and inspiration for losing weight, getting physically stronger, eating healthily etc – i simply do not want my children to go through what I am going through, although of course to an extent they are as she is their nan. I am sure that sounds selfish of me but it is how I feel at this point.

Some people may think me mean for saying these things, but today I just have to write what I feel, I have to let the emotion out, I am deeply concerned for my mothers health, she refuses a doctor. She had blood tests last week and hopes that these will tell her something good. I cannot tell her what I think.