Help please ~TJ117


So Steve has sent me some charts to look at and a pretty graph! The trend is still downwards but s less sharp, so I’m lsing at a slower rate than before.


Steve says I need to focus and look at the long term goals not just at the day to day fluctuations, he’s probably right. One of the few men I have ever met that usually is right .

(Waits for backlash 🙂 )


So, if anyone can come up with tips to keep me focussed for the next 21 days at least, preferably for a year or so I would love to hear them. As ever danger time is getting home from work. Still not solved that one.


Little things that matter a lot ~TJ107

Have you ever considered the little things that happen on your weight loss journey? I especially like the ones that you don’t think about in advance, like these:

Putting on a pair of ‘control’ knickers and they are loose.

A second look from a passer by.

Compliments from women.

Being able to buy clothes in the high street.

I hope you all have these little moments too, would love to hear some of yours, fairly certain the guys won’t ‘get’ the knicker one 🙂

“the benefits of running – even if you don’t run”

I clicked on a link and found a little gem. The more I looked the more it sparkled. I have even “borrowed” an image from the blog above. “I hope your dreams and plans are coming together… running is so much more than putting one foot in front of the other.  It is a way to create dreams and in the process discover exactly who we are… strong, capable and lovers of life.”

Running or walking or Nordic walking – whatever you choose is an opportunity to escape the normal things and do something for you – breathe the fresh air – fast or slow – incline or decline – your choice.  I enjoy running on my own and I enjoy running as part of a group – one is not better than the other both have their pros and cons.

The best part is you control and choose how you progress or get by. You can have a plan of not – the one thng that is useful is to be flexible – is you choose to try a new race strategy at the weekly Saturday 5k keep your options for Sunday open – if you go round harder and faster than ever before – take it easy on your Sunday session.

Likewise if a session does not go well – don’t beat yourself up – get out running again when you are fully rested. The only thing I have seen people consistently fall down with is having training schedules that finish the week before a big event.

I don’t believe you can peak too early, “whatever that may be”. I believe you need a few weeks in hand – bad weather – life – work and little running niggles can all conspire to losing you a week or two of training and as the race date is not going to change – start early and listen to your body. If your plan has long runs that go up and up and up with no step back weeks add one in.

Reduce your long run by 25% – 50% one Sunday just to check your body is adapting correctly and that you are enjoying it. Then the following week pick-up your distance where you left off.