A new trend ~TJ132

So the downward trend of weight loss seems to have stopped and a new scenario emerges from the ashes :

Slight movement around weight up/down by about 0.1 kg a day and increases in muscle mass and decreases in fat mass, this usually leads to a nice drop in weight when the nanobots trot off on holiday after fixing the muscles.

Steve the figures wizard has noted a 21- 28 day pattern in my figures since March. I have long held the belief that despite being post menopausal there is still a ghost menstrual cycle going on, that the body continues to retain water, swell breasts etc even though there is no hormonal dictat to follow. I would be interested to see if other women feel this too, I know my mother does, maybe it’s just us and we have some weird gene!

Whatever the reason the pattern is there and seems set in stone, we will both have to study it and compare to recorded exercise, food diaries etc and try to work out what the drivers are and what the consequences are and whether it can all be used to make the health/weight loss better and easier.