Five miles ~TJ93

I was under strict orders today – no running – at least until I had walked the parkrun 5k, no sprinting, jogging or any form of movement except walking. After the walk I could fartlek away to my heart’s content.

I started a lot later than intended due to a family issue, (Mum’s taxi was required!), the day turned very hot – not my favourite, the last time I did this walk in the heat I got ill. So off I went walking at a steady pace that I felt I could do for the entire 5k. While walking along, bored out of my mind, I thought I know I’ll do 10k instead, then the thought occurred why not do 10 miles? The most I have walked (recorded) was 8.4 miles when my eldest was home from uni and he walked with me to my mothers and back, I stopped loads of times and it took hours (over three).

So I spent a while doing the mental arithmetic, twice round is about 5k (3.14 miles) in fact this route is a deal longer than that at 3.44 miles. so four times round would be 10k at least and 6.88 miles, another twice round would get me to 10.32 miles and a couple of new PB’s. I was going steady, feeling Ok, legs were sore from strength training the night before.

Twice round in a slow time of about an hour, conserving strength to go round another four times, mental maths telling myself I was a third of the way through and after one circuit more I would be halfway, two more and I would be 2/3rds of the way, then I lost the math with five out of six and decided it was just as easy to tell myself only one to go!

Then the oedema struck! My hands started to swell, my fingers were tight, a sign (to me) that my blood pressure was dropping, it was very hot (again for me) I had stupidly not brought a hat or the cool band that I had bought after the last disaster. I felt fine, but that can change very quickly when pressure continues to drop. I drank loads of water. I wear a bladder pack now whenever I do more than a 5k. I could not get blood pressure up with fluids so I had to stop, the car was parked at the end of lap three so instead of going round again I went back to the car. 😦

Will try again soon, as they say you get good runs/walks and bad ones, roll on chilly days I say.


Jogging ~TJ83

This word never comes up in conversation with Steve and I, it is either running, walking or the famous ralking (run/walk intervals).

What I don’t know is where the line is between Walk – Jog – Run, there is a pace that I do on the LSD training (sounds dreadful as an acronym lol) that I really don’t like, I feel heavy, clumsy and uncomfortable – i think that’s a jog. I watch people running in the street/park and so on, trying not to think just to get an impression if it’s a jog or a run.

At a pace of 17 ish I don’t like how it feels, a bit faster at 16 something feels good, the lower the number the more I like it.

Wiki says:

The definition of jogging as compared with running is not standard. One definition describes jogging as running slower than 6 miles per hour (10 km/h).

Jogging is also distinguished from running by having a wider lateral spacing of foot strikes, creating side-to-side movement that likely adds stability at slower speeds or when coordination is lacking.

I walk quicker than 6mph, I can’t concieve of running slower than I walk!

Is it just me or does anyone else really not like running slowly?

This stuff below is the data from my parkrun PB smashing effort, shows where I am running/jogging/walking and in betweens as well.

pr2 compared 2013-09-15_192748

PR2 2013-09-15_193223

PR2 2013-09-15_195640

PR2 recovery 2013-09-15_193355