25 days on trend – my view as the body ~TJ120

Speaking from my standpoint, numbers are numbers, but the brain and the heart they seem to like them, cheers them up to see downward slopes, weight loss, gain in muscle mass.

It’s OK for them! THEY stay the same size it’s me that’s disappearing! But they both tell me to concentrate  on the positives, I can go to more places now, do more things, I do feel better less ‘lumpy’ and have some energy now. All in all it’s a good thing I will be around for longer, enjoy more and feel more.

So, brain must get on with controlling all the systems to lose more, slowly, carefully, increase fitness, stamina and endurance and just be healthier. We can do it if we all pull together!


Life with less meds ~TJ54

dividing psp300

Reduced dose by cutting tablets

Just taken my three pills for today (statin later) it feels so strange not having the ritual of popping five pills out of packets, and for last month have been cutting some in half as well.

Long may it continue.