Fantastic ~TJ108

This week has been simply one of the best of my life! I am now at lowest weight I have been for TEN, yes TEN years.

I am wearing a jumper that I bought last February, then it was tight (especially on the upper arms) and now it is comfy.

Long may this continue, as ever utmost praise and gratitude to he who must be obeyed( when I’m in the mood! lol)

Seriously this journey would have faltered long ago without Steve’s support, guidance, knowledge and patience.


Summer Tidy ~TJ06

Wow is all I can say.

I seem to have more energy the more I do!

Gym yesterday I increased weights by 50%, then did 2 and a half hours of garden clearing.

Tidy - 2013-07-24_084441
I feel great full of life, it’s amazing, so glad I started this journey, so glad I met my mentor who has guided me through the process and continues to do so every day.

To follow the garden / allotment project follow this secret link

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