New targets ~TJ149

The weight loss took a big nose dive lately (whoops) never mind all is not lost, recovery is on the way.

My new target is to be overweight, as opposed to obese , by 12th April. This means losing about 10kg and moving from current BMI of 33.6 to sub 30. The time period is 65 days so an average daily weight loss of 5 and a bit ounces is required!!!! This is going to be a tough couple of months, so far in this journey I have lost about 5 stone, I aim to lose at least another 2 if not 4, that has yet to be decided. But………………….

This is what i am aiming for

This is what i am aiming for

There is a possibility that I am gluten intolerant or allergic to wheat or yeast, this week, on doctors orders, I am eating wheat products ready for blood tests next week. depending on the results of that I may have to change certain eating habits anyway. In the meantime I intend to try and only eat non processed foods – which is more or less what I do now but I do eat bacon, coffee whitener, sausages, occasionally burgers, fish and chips, pizza.

To get the target I will need to watch nutrition closely and reduce the number of ’empty’ calories, those that fill but give nothing for the body to use.

Specially for Steve! (I have a thing for Snickers)

Specially for Steve! (I have a thing for Snickers)

So my fight against the flab is back in earnest, time for coasting to cease, the battle lines have been drawn. Wish me luck

Dog ate my lunch :( ~TJ148

I forgot to mention in yesterdays post that I cook an extra half portion of dinner for my lunch the next day, this way I avoid shop bought stuff and control the nutrition. So it was left to cool on the worktop while I went off to eat. When I went to kitchen later to put lids on and put in fridge, there, on the floor , was a plastic container that had held my lunch share of the delicious cabbage mix.

I picked it up and turned around and there was a very pitiful sight, the dog sitting,  head down, looking so guilty. Was quite comical really. So this morning I cooked a similar side dish, leeks, bacon and tiny pieces of spud, garlic and black pepper and a little butter. mmmmmmm

Not my dog - but you get the idea

Not my dog – but you get the idea

Scrummy dinner ~TJ147

I have been trying to avoid carbs for a couple of weeks, bread and spuds are one of my pitfalls, however doc wants me to eat bread so i can be tested for wheat/gluten intolerance. I have managed to avoid any carbs with dinner and lunch though, filling the gap with veg.

Tonight though I fancied some spuds and sausage toad, God knows why, but I really wanted it so off I go and make the stuff. The sausage toad bit quite easy. garlic and herb wedges (plain spuds cut up chucked in oven, some olive oil, garlic, salt and mixed  herbs. In Morrisons on way home yesterday I got 2 bags mixed veg, (cauli, broccoli and carrots) for 9p each, so made a gigantic veg stew yesterday. At the same time there was a sweetheart cabbage for 15p – not a lot of money to waste if we don’t like it and green stuff is good for you.

Not being keen on cabbage I thought I would spice it up, fried a couple of rashers of bacon (cut up tiny), one small white onion and a handful of mushrooms, tiny bit of butter. Sweated the cabbage til just turning soft, drained it then fried with the bacon mix , knob of butter to serve – it was ace, really really nice, even my son liked it! And………………….. not too naughty, in fact quite nutritious I think, I ate cabbage and am pleased with myself for that.

Food Diary ~TJ12

This one is my pet hate, the thing I hate about the journey. Every now and then I simply rebel and don’t do it, mostly I control it but at times IT seems to control me and I ‘forget’ to complete the thing for days.

At the bad times I feel as though I am a machine, that the food is controlling me, my life, my hopes, my dreams, that everything is about food, food food.

Steve (my mentor) has tried various tricks to get me to keep up the diary but to no avail – the man has the patience of a saint!

If anyone has any ideas how to stay on this particular path I would love to hear from you. When it is going well with the food diary I feel that I am in control of the food, that I make the decisions, it really is one of my pitfalls.


Me then and Me this April ~TJ05

Me then and me this April

Two pics side by side,

  • new confidence
  • new hair
  • very much smaller size 28 to a size 18 – see later posts re dress sizes a bit of a movable feast!

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