Out of the groove but trying ~TJ135

Hi all, not having the best time of it fitness and health wise but I am soldiering on! (puts on brave face) Got to the gym last night only to find it moved to another part of the leisure centre. They were doing some maintenance, much needed; but the alternative accommodation was small and cramped and the free weights area was in the centre of everything. Made it difficult for everyone, there were queues for what equipment did fit in the room.

So I baled and went for a sauna instead, must say it does wonders for a cold, sinuses etc.

I did have a lovely long walk on the beach on Saturday – started a collection of foot/paw/hoof/claw prints

Dog and me

Dog and me

Giant dog?

Giant dog?

2 Horses

2 Horses

Something tracked

Something tracked

25 days on trend, 7 pounds lost ~TJ119


The trend continues – woo hoo.

Life has tried to throw in a spanner or two as well but they have been
swiftly flicked back into the universe’s toolbox.

Anyone who has ever cursed at their weighing scales need to know the trends rather than just data.
I would have no chance following the roller coaster blue line.

My guide is the orange line – this is a moving average of all the bumpy bits, gives a general direction.

Unless you are being very discerning with your use of the data “scales are for fish”



Ooops – Just looking through the figures again the title is a little misleading – 25 days on trend is true – and 7 pounds lost is also true – but not in 25 days.

Cool 17 day trend – 3 pounds lost ~TJ112


In a previous post – there was a slight weight rise noted – everyone has to remember – it is not possible to lose weight each day – on the average yes the trend may be down but day to day there may be a rise. It is possible to record a variation of 6 pounds or more.

Imagine a big meal and a few glasses of water. The measured number increases.
Likewise a long exercise session when its hot and your measured weight will be reduced.

So your real weight is really an impossible thing to measure. I have deduced over a long period of time that you either measure once a week or month and hope the trend is good and the 7 days of change add up or you measure daily and let some clever maths find your real “weight” for you.

Take this story below for example.

Weigh yourself after going to the bathroom in the morning then eat all day – then drink lots of extra fluid, then before going to the the bathroom weigh yourself again – 4 – 6 pounds/2 to 3 kg difference with ease. So big numbers, even if the scales show them,  are different to “real” change especially if it is body fat and not water or muscle mass.

So weird – what happened on Mon 14 th ~TJ110


notice something different this month !

I started doing something different this month – any idea – what and when – I am not sure myself yet – so tonight I will be going through my records and seeing if there is an easy thing to isolate.
Also possible that the changes would have required a few days to start coming into effect from a measurement point of view!

WOW ~TJ100

One hundred posts, that seems like a lot!

So this should be a milestone, something significant. I was asked yesterday if I truly wanted to be a size 12, and continue on this journey. My answer was:

“I look and feel so much better now that it’s hard to imagine how that can be improved. i do know that I don’t want it to the point where I eat, live and breathe weight loss, diet and exercise to the exclusion of everything. I do not want to watch what i eat every second of every day for the rest of my life. I know there is always going to be an element of that with maintenance and regular exercise will help.”

It has caused me to think quite a lot and quite randomly today two different people at work – at different times both said they thought I looked great and should stop dieting. One of the ladies is 5 years older than me and slim and is a runner, the other is 10 years younger than me with weight issues and who yo-yo diets all the time.

All this is causing further thought, I like my new body and hated the old one, but I do want to be slimmer – whether that is achieved by weight loss or toning or a mixture of both I don’t mind. There is one certainty I WANT TO KEEP RUNNING, and to do that I need to get fitter and that will mean getting slimmer, tauter and generally having good nutrition.

My main problem areas are:

1. Maintaining good nutrition – I can moderate the calories easily but making sure they are ‘good’ calories is sometimes a struggle.

2. That gap between finishing work and dinner – if I eat early I am hungry later and if I eat later I snack earlier, if there is fruit available I will eat loads of it. If there is no fruit the danger is a quick sandwich or some toast.

3. Fitting everything in, we all have this problem.

Any suggestions on ways to deal with the above most welcome.