Weight gain – but I am happy still ~TJ131

The last few days I have been exercising more and as a consequence the little nanobots are in repairing muscles, retaining water and generally adding weight to my body – this is good weight.

Along with this there has been a marked decrease in the amount of fat in my body and an increase in muscle mass – all these things make me fitter, healthier and look better. My clothes fit better and I feel better for the exercise.

This weight loss, get fit, get healthy campaign is much more complex than people imagine, and more than some will ever consider. My BMI is now up because I have more muscle! So technically I am less healthy if just the cold numbers are looked at, have a health review today lets see what the docs think!

Happy getting healthier, fitter, smaller to you all who are on this roller coaster with me.


Dream day ~TJ108

Beach of dreams

Beach of dreams

What a brilliant start to the day, had the drop in visceral fat yesterday and this morning was just the most perfect weigh in so far.

Weight – down
Muscle mass – up
Fat mass – down
Calories required – down
BMI – down
Visceral – constant

Waist, abs and hips all smaller

Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket! But then again I don’t think the way I feel can be beaten. I earned this day, I worked, sweated and cried for it, I went way out of my comfort zone in so many areas of my life and it has all come together on this day.

Couldn’t have done it without Steve and the full support of my family – thanks all

And now onward and upward still a way to go – can’t get complacent.

Can’t wait to see what graphics Steve will add to this!

Best results ever! ~TJ57

Well what a week, learnt how to do interval training, ran quite a bit (in short chunks) and this morning hit the lowest ever fat mass and highest ever muscle mass (link to my thoughts – opens in a new window) and a drop in weight! Go Lizzie (my reptilian brain that controls all this stuff).

I am on top of the world today – thanks to Steve and Lizzie and a little bit of work from me!