WOW ~TJ100

One hundred posts, that seems like a lot!

So this should be a milestone, something significant. I was asked yesterday if I truly wanted to be a size 12, and continue on this journey. My answer was:

“I look and feel so much better now that it’s hard to imagine how that can be improved. i do know that I don’t want it to the point where I eat, live and breathe weight loss, diet and exercise to the exclusion of everything. I do not want to watch what i eat every second of every day for the rest of my life. I know there is always going to be an element of that with maintenance and regular exercise will help.”

It has caused me to think quite a lot and quite randomly today two different people at work – at different times both said they thought I looked great and should stop dieting. One of the ladies is 5 years older than me and slim and is a runner, the other is 10 years younger than me with weight issues and who yo-yo diets all the time.

All this is causing further thought, I like my new body and hated the old one, but I do want to be slimmer – whether that is achieved by weight loss or toning or a mixture of both I don’t mind. There is one certainty I WANT TO KEEP RUNNING, and to do that I need to get fitter and that will mean getting slimmer, tauter and generally having good nutrition.

My main problem areas are:

1. Maintaining good nutrition – I can moderate the calories easily but making sure they are ‘good’ calories is sometimes a struggle.

2. That gap between finishing work and dinner – if I eat early I am hungry later and if I eat later I snack earlier, if there is fruit available I will eat loads of it. If there is no fruit the danger is a quick sandwich or some toast.

3. Fitting everything in, we all have this problem.

Any suggestions on ways to deal with the above most welcome.


Food Diary ~TJ12

This one is my pet hate, the thing I hate about the journey. Every now and then I simply rebel and don’t do it, mostly I control it but at times IT seems to control me and I ‘forget’ to complete the thing for days.

At the bad times I feel as though I am a machine, that the food is controlling me, my life, my hopes, my dreams, that everything is about food, food food.

Steve (my mentor) has tried various tricks to get me to keep up the diary but to no avail – the man has the patience of a saint!

If anyone has any ideas how to stay on this particular path I would love to hear from you. When it is going well with the food diary I feel that I am in control of the food, that I make the decisions, it really is one of my pitfalls.


My inspiration ~TJ08

My inspiration

I watched as a man I worked with lost 15 stone in a year. It was amazing he seemed to change every day. The weight stayed off, he got fitter and happier as time went on.

Eventually I asked him how he had done it and he said “Slimming World”.
Then he said  “‘and I have never eaten a salad in my life!”.

That simple sentence swung it for me – he inspired me and I joined, this is what I looked like that day:

You can see my eyes nearly closed with the excess fat !


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