Dream day ~TJ108

Beach of dreams

Beach of dreams

What a brilliant start to the day, had the drop in visceral fat yesterday and this morning was just the most perfect weigh in so far.

Weight – down
Muscle mass – up
Fat mass – down
Calories required – down
BMI – down
Visceral – constant

Waist, abs and hips all smaller

Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket! But then again I don’t think the way I feel can be beaten. I earned this day, I worked, sweated and cried for it, I went way out of my comfort zone in so many areas of my life and it has all come together on this day.

Couldn’t have done it without Steve and the full support of my family – thanks all

And now onward and upward still a way to go – can’t get complacent.

Can’t wait to see what graphics Steve will add to this!


Behaving myself ~TJ94

Well it’s about time that I started doing as I am advised – regarding fitness, health, nutrition, running, ralking etc. Steve puts in an immense amount of time coaching, explaining, analysing, listening, just being there for me. So it’s time for me to do as he suggests and not be a sulky brat at times when I don’t want to do something.

So a public declaration that I will do my utmost to behave like an adult (that’s gonna be tough), that I will discuss things and try to do as I am advised to do. As the Chimp book says I can do no more than my best.

Best results ever! ~TJ57

Well what a week, learnt how to do interval training, ran quite a bit (in short chunks) and this morning hit the lowest ever fat mass and highest ever muscle mass (link to my thoughts – opens in a new window) and a drop in weight! Go Lizzie (my reptilian brain that controls all this stuff).

I am on top of the world today – thanks to Steve and Lizzie and a little bit of work from me!

Weight loss roller coaster ~TJ38

Here I am, with millions of others, on the weight loss roller coaster, dips, peaks, twists and turns. Sometimes it feels like you only have to look at a doughnut to put on weight.

jam donuts - 2013-07-30_164959

On other days you can eat fish and chips and knickerbocker glories (an ice – cream sundae) all day long and lose weight, there is no apparent rhyme or reason to it – until that is you meet someone like Steve.

Fish and chips - 2013-07-26_090511

Steve brings all the power of modern technology to bear on the situation, trends” he says, just watch the “trends”. Forget the daily figures (they just give you the data) for the trend. It is the trend that is most important.

If that is downwards you are losing weight overall and need not worry about the ups and downs of daily weighing. Take a look at the graph of the “data” and the graph of the data with a trend line added.

 . . see the trend line v’s data post here . .

[ If you don’t want to weigh daily and really don’t want to constantly hop on and off the scale – then that’s great – “scales are for fish” after-all.

If you find yourself doing weight measurement frequently and cannot follow the “weigh in every two weeks” and ‘don’t stress about it in between’ philosophy it is worth remembering body weight is actually constantly changing. It may vary by several pounds or more from day to day or even during the same day without there being any significant “Real” weight change.

The theory behind the weigh each week or 2 weeks is that the trend will be seen not the daily variations. In practice this may NOT be the case – those 2 measurements 2 weeks or a week apart MAY be even more inaccurate and unhelpful in tracking the underlying trend in body fat change.

So do what works for you – there is very rarely only one correct solution or methodology to any of life’s more complex issues – did I forget to say everyone is unique and different in their own special way too. ]