Gobsmacked ~TJ113


A huge drop!

Another one of those landmark days a HUGE drop in weight,
well from 88.1 kg to 87.5 kg

I have done next to nothing this week by way of exercise , had one ‘fast’ day, perhaps my poor old body needed a rest or perhaps something else is at play?

Whatever and whyever it is I am a happy bunny – even enjoying my porridge after handing over a full on fry up to son for his breakfast! I have my mini fried brekkie at the weekend when I can really savour it. i find that, for me, a ‘treat / cheat’ has to be that something special, time taken to truly enjoy it or there is no point.


The line that really matters is the orange line but the blue line is
pretty exciting at the moment. This is now a November challenge
to see just what is possible over one month.

The confusing thing is that we are now 18 days into a downward continuous
trend so I will post some numbers tomorrow or over the weekend.

So good or bad the 30 day November challenge is on.
This graph is from Open Office Calc  spreadsheet WT-NC-005.ods


This graph shows how the Measured & Smoothed figures vary

M&S - all-time -01-2013-11-01_194054

This is the M & S data plotted since records began


The “smoothed” figure is normally higher than the measured figure – the “maths” keeps a little credit or loss in reserve and drip feeds it into the results over time – assuming there is not a gain. If there is a gain it buffers the gain and uses its reserve to avoid sharp changes,