WOW ~TJ100

One hundred posts, that seems like a lot!

So this should be a milestone, something significant. I was asked yesterday if I truly wanted to be a size 12, and continue on this journey. My answer was:

“I look and feel so much better now that it’s hard to imagine how that can be improved. i do know that I don’t want it to the point where I eat, live and breathe weight loss, diet and exercise to the exclusion of everything. I do not want to watch what i eat every second of every day for the rest of my life. I know there is always going to be an element of that with maintenance and regular exercise will help.”

It has caused me to think quite a lot and quite randomly today two different people at work – at different times both said they thought I looked great and should stop dieting. One of the ladies is 5 years older than me and slim and is a runner, the other is 10 years younger than me with weight issues and who yo-yo diets all the time.

All this is causing further thought, I like my new body and hated the old one, but I do want to be slimmer – whether that is achieved by weight loss or toning or a mixture of both I don’t mind. There is one certainty I WANT TO KEEP RUNNING, and to do that I need to get fitter and that will mean getting slimmer, tauter and generally having good nutrition.

My main problem areas are:

1. Maintaining good nutrition – I can moderate the calories easily but making sure they are ‘good’ calories is sometimes a struggle.

2. That gap between finishing work and dinner – if I eat early I am hungry later and if I eat later I snack earlier, if there is fruit available I will eat loads of it. If there is no fruit the danger is a quick sandwich or some toast.

3. Fitting everything in, we all have this problem.

Any suggestions on ways to deal with the above most welcome.

Mynydd Mawr Woodland Park ~TJ43

A beautiful place going there instead of Human Being Active race, am in the mood to be alone, enjoy nature and test myself in different ways. Will take backpack with bladder so adequate water supplies and just see what I can do.

Last time results on 3rd August 2013

  • DURATION     1:09:43
  • MILES               4.01
  • PACE                17:23 AVG
  • SPEED              3.5 MPH AVG
  • CALORIES        446
  • CPM                  6
  • BPM                  101 AVG
  • MAX BPM        125

Wooo hooo just got back and I did my first HIIT (well Medium IIT LOL)

  • DURATION      1:32:06
  • MILES                5.07
  • PACE                 18:09 AVG
  • SPEED               3.3 MPH AVG
  • CALORIES        667
  • CPM                   7
  • BPM                   109 AVG
  • MAX BPM         148

What a blast! I did it!  20 minutes of intervals 30 seconds running and 90 seconds walking, read somewhere that you mustn’t just stop afterwards so did another circuit and a half of the park to hit the five mile mark. Drank half a litre of water, nailed the hills, a brilliant day out. I even did stretching (please note this on good side of book Steve – hopefully it will balance out the Magnum)