25 days on trend – my view as the body ~TJ120

Speaking from my standpoint, numbers are numbers, but the brain and the heart they seem to like them, cheers them up to see downward slopes, weight loss, gain in muscle mass.

It’s OK for them! THEY stay the same size it’s me that’s disappearing! But they both tell me to concentrate  on the positives, I can go to more places now, do more things, I do feel better less ‘lumpy’ and have some energy now. All in all it’s a good thing I will be around for longer, enjoy more and feel more.

So, brain must get on with controlling all the systems to lose more, slowly, carefully, increase fitness, stamina and endurance and just be healthier. We can do it if we all pull together!


Best results ever! ~TJ57

Well what a week, learnt how to do interval training, ran quite a bit (in short chunks) and this morning hit the lowest ever fat mass and highest ever muscle mass (link to my thoughts – opens in a new window) and a drop in weight! Go Lizzie (my reptilian brain that controls all this stuff).

I am on top of the world today – thanks to Steve and Lizzie and a little bit of work from me!

Happier all round ~TJ34

Well a very good start to the day ! A nice weight loss after the mini plateau and weight gain. Mum is feeling very much better and is finally listening to advice about eating better and dumping the cakes and biscuits, her dog is Ok (was a panic about her yesterday).

All in all going well, so being a pessimist am waiting for the bubble to burst – not really but have had a tendency to do that in past but am getting better.