Bonza day ~TJ104

I had a really good day today. AND I even followed suggestions from he who gives instructions, suggestions and great advice (which I ignore from time to time he he he )

Lead the walking group and one of the walkers had a great achievement she walked 2.34 miles today! Her first walk on 14th September was 0.25 miles. We celebrated with hot chocolates in the park cafe.

When that all finished I went for a run round the Parkrun route, when I say run I mean of course, ralk – run/walk. I went from finish line to finish line, there was no goal for pace, time, anything – just do it was the advice, so now we have a baseline figure to build on.

While walking around I was conscious of the beauty all around me, autumn is my favourite season, I love the colours and you can see the character of the trees when they are bare of leaves.

Amazing - natures sculpture

Amazing – natures sculpture

Autumn, blackberries and running water - food for the soul

Autumn, blackberries and running water – food for the soul

Outstanding colours

Outstanding colours

New behaviour ~TJ95

First day of me being good and listening to and taking advice – whoops failed lol

Advice: drink one small glass of water twice today.

Action: bought 2 litres and drank 1 litre almost immediately.

Result: lots and lots of peeing.

Lesson learned: do as advised there is a good reason for it!

I shall now slap myself on the wrists and sit on the naughty step for a while.