Christmas is coming ~TJ118

xmas - 2013-11-05_064802

I wanted very much to be a size 12 by Christmas, but that was a little bit unrealistic lol

I have revised downwards and will now be a proper size 18 for Christmas, jeggings purchased and quite snug at the moment, fluffy girlie ankle boots with a nice wedge heel bought. Looking out now for a cheap (not going to wear it more than once) top to wear with jeggings and boots to works dinner on the 14th December.

Will bling the whole outfit up with glittery jewellery, do my hair, make up etc – a very rare event indeed!

Next Christmas however, is a different story, I will be almost 60 then and want to be a size 12/weigh 12 stone for that – the aim may well change as I lose more weight, get fitter, more toned etc, but I like targets, goals or I just lose the way. Dress is all picked out and expensive (by my standards) that will be a real celebration 60th birthday, Christmas, achieving my goals – brilliant, looking forward to that day.