Just do it ~TJ78

Sometimes its good to – just do it – face the fear and do it anyway.

Now here is the question – in Chimp speak – the computer just holds autopilots – the stone of life – gremlins and goblins.

So if you knew doing something was positive but there was a gremlin saying you might fail – make a fool of yourself etc. Is it your human overriding your chimp – via a new autopilot – an amendment to the stone of life – the chimp being irresponsible and untrained – the human being adventurous.

There is the old adage – “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” well its official! (According to one study anyway).
See http://www.wired.co.uk/news/archive/2010-10/18/what-doesnt-kill-you

The study concluded that people who have experienced some adversity and hardship in life appear to foster resilience and adapt better to new situations, which subsequently improves their mental health.

So what about the geek solution

  1. add to your stone of life – is the thing I am going to do genuinely life threatening – if so seek guidance and do a risk assessment and perhaps sleep on it and discuss with some of your more sensible friends – DO NOT discuss with adrenaline junkies or those people that DO, as a matter of course, take crazy risks
  2. create an autopilot that says the same thing a bit of redundancy in the system can’t hurt
  3. If there is suspected gremlin or goblin involvement – just noting that there is something going on will reduce their power over you. I believe there are apps being developed to either blank off the effects of goblins – avoid them being triggered – or remove the gremlins. I personally – think that the metaphor i s useful but that if you really cannot remove a goblin (it being hard wired) what you can do is remove any gremlin friends – build up your stock of autopilots and refine them so the goblin even if it remains is well documented and kept on a very short lease in isolation.
  4. If the thing is not actually a real threat what would the consequences of doing it successfully be. How would it feel might it actually mean dust off the stone of life and adding a revision.


Load the image file into the replicator nearest to your cabin
and wear with pride (if replicators are not yet available – imagine
wearing it) Don’t forget in the supermarket, if you keep it on,
you will get strange looks as people won’t understand.

If you do a running event and there are t-shirts and or finishers medals – take a moment to look around and enjoy all the people wearing them, office workers, construction workers, layers, college students, parents, grandparents ALL wearing them with pride. The bigger the event the greater the pride and the collective buzz. The following day almost none of them will be wearing them – a few will wear them when they return to their running clubs as a badge of honour but largely they are forgotten as we fall back into the routine of everyday life. Once in a while it is a useful tool to look at the pictures of the memorabilia and remember you took a calculated risk but that you did YOUR BEST.

Just your best and maybe you learned something along the way – at worst you think I will never do this again – BUT tread carefully before you even think that because, in my experience it is the beginning of the next journey – See paradoxical thinking – in the mind of a chimp near you.

Mood Hoover ~TJ70

This is a real life thing web listing and not made up for effect.

I googled “mood hoover” as I wanted to check where I had heard the phrase and if it had been borrowed from another source. I am a little wary of the stories some presenters use and they imply it is their own. Strange thing I have heard the same story over and over and read it in a book too.

Anyway Andy Cope I think was my original introduction to the term. He often uses the “this person lights up the room when when they leave it” evaluation form anecdote.

Anyway to cut a long story short here is an image of the link – Mood Hoover at Debenhams.com
Don’t Debenhams know we would not want to buy one!
So 9/10 for their technology but 0/10 for google listing in the search results – its not a real search its a fuzzy logic monstrosity and google offering this service and accepting money from Debenhams does emphasise the need to be vigilant on the internet. It might not be what it seems.


Fortunatley they don’t really stock mood hoovers but do have spare parts for your
“Hoover” and cases for your iphone called “mood” so by rating of 9/10
just for the technical ingenuity I think is well justified. However I digress.



Chimp VI ~TJ69

2 crucial bits of information – you don’t have to read or understand the whole book. Steve’s idea of an emotion might be different from your’s – see the Wikipedia extracts below.

So he is not saying disregard your humanity but is talking, I think, more about “reactions” and actions we might do without knowing why.

“The book is written around a model that I have developed called Chimp Management, which has helped many people understand themselves and learn how to work with their emotions.
Some parts of the book will resonate with you more strongly than othersSelect those parts that are relevant to you and work with them.

In my work as a psychiatrist and lecturer, people typically present me with comments or questions that are usually centred on problems that they don’t understand or can’t solve.”
Introduction Page 1 The Chimp Paradox – Dr Steve Peters

So don’t get hung up on the model – just try to get a feel for the “system” as a manual to fine tune your behaviour – athletic performance – relationships etc. Could be you are 100% happy with all of those – then pass the book onto someone that can benefit!

In Chimp VII I will touch on the “Psychological Mind” model Chapter One – a few pages – 6 elements in total including the Chimp him or herself and the much more complicated “Psychological Universe” – at least 18 elements not including the 6 Psychological Mind elements. If you counted the asteroids in the Asteroid Belt individually it could be infinite!
It occupies 16 chapters – in fact every chapter except Chapter 1 and 6 which are devoted to mind and personality!

Anyway from my point of view the “Mind” model works without having to understand the whole of much more involved universe model. This adds context. It depends if you are a person who likes to ask why? and what about? or if you are happy with a quarter page diagram and a summary!

Emotion can be differentiated from a number of similar constructs within the field of affective neuroscience:[5]

  • Feelings are best understood as a subjective representation of emotions, private to the individual experiencing them.
  • Moods are diffuse affective states that generally last for much longer durations than emotions and are also usually less intense than emotions.

The word “emotion” dates back to 1579, when it was adapted from the French word émouvoir, which means “to stir up”. However, the earliest precursors of the word likely dates back to the very origins of language.[4]

Emotions have been described as discrete and consistent responses to internal or external events which have a particular significance for the organism. Emotions are brief in duration and consist of a coordinated set of responses, which may include verbal, physiologicalbehavioural, and neural mechanisms.[5] Emotions have also been described as biologically given and a result of evolution because they provided good solutions to ancient and recurring problems that faced our ancestors.


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Chimp V

Just in case – you are finding things hard going here is an incentive to skip to page 268 – lots of guilt free indulgences!

Types of carrots

Lots of varieties
There are many types of carrots and it is a good idea to make sure that you try all the types. Everyone needs to learn what carrots they like best and to make sure they obtain them. Grow your own carrots!

These can be obvious material things such as football tickets, new clothing, chocolate bars, a meal out, a car and so on. It can be anything that is a reward to you and will make you happy. Linking rewards to work that you have to do is a very good way of getting your Chimp on side. Have rewards in place to look forward to as this can give the Chimp motivation and the Human commitment to carry on.

It is important to look back and celebrate what you have done. Reflecting on your hard work and effort is important to increase the chances of success. It is important for both you and your Chimp to recognise this and praise yourself for what you have done, or even tried to do.

Most Humans do not need recognition but are self-satisfied. However, most Chimps within us do need recognition from the right person and if you deprive them of this then they can become very bitter, angry and upset. Make sure the recognition happens by working out whom you would welcome praise or recognition from and make sure that they understand that this would mean a lot to you. This is a sensible way to look after and nurture your Chimp.

Your Chimp needs encouragement from time to time and it’s not unreasonable to ask for this. Encouragement is a very good carrot to give your Chimp good feelings when it needs them. Don’t forget that people around you are not mind readers. You might have to tell them that you would like to be encouraged. Sometimes we all forget to encourage others. Looking at the benefits of achieving something is one of the strongest encouragers.

Getting support from the right person or people is a great boost to morale. The troop rallying to support a distressed Chimp or Human is a very welcome carrot. Don’t be afraid to ask for support or help. This is one of the reasons why we have troops. Don’t be foolish by cutting yourself off from support. This is unlikely to be wise and much more likely to be stupid! It’s unlikely to be a sign of independence but rather a sign of stubbornness. If you had a friend who was in trouble you would not hesitate to help. Don’t deprive your friends of the chance to show their friendship for you when you need it.