Gym ~TJ139

Two gym visits this week, feeling the pain and taking it easy, only doing treadmill and rowing. Still not too keen on treadmill, feel very flat-footed on it and unsafe but persevering – facing the fear and dealing with it rather than hiding from it.

So tonight I did ten minutes on the treadmill – not a huge amount but better than the last few weeks! 2 at 6 kmh 6 at 5.5 kmh and 2 at 5 kmh, legs were screaming at me by the end and was sweating (Steve tells me that’s good!)

Then my favourite rower for some hiit. 3 minute warm up at 27 strokes per minute followed by eight sets of 30 second high (38 stroked per minute) and 60 seconds low (28 stroked per minute) – I enjoyed that session, but hip joints and bum hurt a bit. Those seats really need padding!

What I really need to get back to is this:-



Hills to climb, rivers to ford ~TJ138

Apologies for my absence, I have been ill but am slowly recovering. I now have the task of getting back to where I was fitness wise and to start enjoying it again. I kinda lost my way and my mojo for a while, great support from Steve and friends and I have survived the crisis.

The only way now is up!

First gym visit of the year ~TJ137

Well I made it, after a long break (Since October), I got to the gym and my ‘favourite’ treadmill had been taken by someone


So I got on a rowing machine – prefer that anyway! I decided not to go mad. Steve says I don’t ‘do’ moderation! Well I did last night, I went nice and steady for 14 minutes and went nuts for the last minute.

Then did about ten minutes on the treadmill. jelly legs by now so off for a swim – heaven!

2 lengths at 1 minute each followed by one at 55 seconds and a final one at 50 seconds. All followed by a sauna and jacuzzi.

Not too bad for a first effort more to come, onward and upward.

Been a while ~TJ136

Hi folks

It’s been a little while since I posted on this blog, but really hs been little to report, I have been naughty and not been running, exercising or doing anything much. Roll on New Year, fresh start.

Going to Mum’s for Christmas, so hope to escape the family and food for 30 minutes a day to do a quick HIIT that I like, leaves me jelly legged and exhausted for a while but feels soooooooo good. Got it from an app called Impetus, and the particular HIIT is called Great Pyramid and consists of rounds og intense work with rounds of 60 seconds active rest.

3 min warm up

30 sec work

60 sec active rest

45 sec work

60 sec active rest

60 sec active work

60 sec rest

90 sec work

And then back down again finishing with a three minute cool down. I walk/run it but you could do strength training or kick boxing or anything else you wanted to do. The lovely little app tells you when to change etc, very good and for me, because it is timed I san sustain the high intensity because I know when it will end.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to one and all




Out of the groove but trying ~TJ135

Hi all, not having the best time of it fitness and health wise but I am soldiering on! (puts on brave face) Got to the gym last night only to find it moved to another part of the leisure centre. They were doing some maintenance, much needed; but the alternative accommodation was small and cramped and the free weights area was in the centre of everything. Made it difficult for everyone, there were queues for what equipment did fit in the room.

So I baled and went for a sauna instead, must say it does wonders for a cold, sinuses etc.

I did have a lovely long walk on the beach on Saturday – started a collection of foot/paw/hoof/claw prints

Dog and me

Dog and me

Giant dog?

Giant dog?

2 Horses

2 Horses

Something tracked

Something tracked