Despair and euphoria the video ~TJ124

Its a roller coaster ride is often over used but now here it is on video, It could be the most boring video ever created but it means a lot.

In the last 29 days and counting there has been a downward trend in weight BUT for a month before that the numbers were all over the place the comparison could not be more dramatic!

This is the first video capture of data shown in GDocs spreadsheet so please excuse the less than perfect or polished end result it is really a proof of concept – could data be displayed dynamically – and displayed in real time over different time periods.


The red N show negative loss or gain in weight the P show 29 days of positive loss

These graph below are from google docs

BigPic - 2013-11-13_104622

Big Picture


1 month

Flateau1 - 2013-11-13_104417

Flateau 1

Flateau2 - 2013-11-13_104513

Flateau 2

100 Followers – thank you all ~TJ122


How cool is this 100 followers.

Thanks to everyone for following the blog and here is the link to the 100th follower’s blog. An American teenager spending a year in France – that’s pretty cool too.



25 days on trend, 7 pounds lost ~TJ119


The trend continues – woo hoo.

Life has tried to throw in a spanner or two as well but they have been
swiftly flicked back into the universe’s toolbox.

Anyone who has ever cursed at their weighing scales need to know the trends rather than just data.
I would have no chance following the roller coaster blue line.

My guide is the orange line – this is a moving average of all the bumpy bits, gives a general direction.

Unless you are being very discerning with your use of the data “scales are for fish”



Ooops – Just looking through the figures again the title is a little misleading – 25 days on trend is true – and 7 pounds lost is also true – but not in 25 days.

Cool message – A spike in your stats ~TJ116

Part of this journey is the blog and part of the blog is the stats. Call it vanity or self interest but I defy anyone to not look at their stats. Limited information is provided and I have some tips later for how to learn the most from them. Also in a slightly big brother way it is possible to see if it is lots of people looking at a single page or a small number of people reading the hell out of lots of pages. For me, someone dropping by and reading many pages is much more gratifying than a comment to look at the “cute”, “sad”, “cool” image or story and move swiftly on. Or worse still someone deciding it was not worth reading more than the page they landed on.

The permutations are endless: how many people found it by accident but it was not what they wanted – sprinkle in the “likes and comments” from sites selling stuff “coz a business guru” says “drive traffic to your blog by liking and commenting and ye shall be rich!” Sorry I can tell a real comment from a generic “fake” comment  at a 100 pixels.

Anyway the WordPress robots sent me a message I was rather excited by. I was going to crop the rather disparaging “0 hourly views on average” but the stats part of me knows that it makes “26 hourly views” seem much cooler if the normal viewing figure is zero.

Now I actually think their stats are a little harsh here because we have had a staggering  1,135 views since the launch in July.

Stats - FastStoneEditor

So according to WordPress stats we have had an average of 10 views a day BUT November is already double this at 20, so in a long-winded way a massive thank you to everyone that has stopped by even if your “like” was part of a marketing campaign. So I guess until you get 12 or 24 they round it down to ZERO!

Stats - day

So to those kind folk – maybe in France or Canada who came to read the blog and got us noticed by the WordPress stats robot thank you so much – I hope you found something interesting or useful. I would love to hear feedback or questions or receive comments – we are also still awaiting our first re-blog too! email is just as good if you want to email fatnessnowfitness at gmail dot com.

Stats 1 2013-11-03_153413

I really love the immediacy of blogging too since I sent an email to one of the other authors – a reader from India has dropped by and added an additional at least 9 page views so the graph for today is ever more impressive. 10 more page views and we break the record of 64 views set way back

India - 2013-11-03_170307


57 - 64 2013-11-03_180534


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Cool word of the day disparaging  adjective   

  • expressing the opinion that something is of little worth; derogatory.

A great musician – Lou Reed – died a week ago aged 71 – what a way to go.

‘He died looking at the trees’: Lou Reed’s wife reveals in touching letter to neighbours that he passed away at home doing Tai Chi

By COLETTE FAHY on the daily mail website

He passed away due to complications from liver disease at his home in Amagansett, New York on Sunday.

And Lou Reed’s wife has revealed the 71-year-old musician’s death was peaceful as he died practising his beloved Tai Chi while looking at the trees in their garden.

In a moving tribute in the East Hampton Star newspaper, performance artist and musician Laurie Anderson reached out to the couple’s neighbours to reveal the circumstances surrounding his last few days and death.

FP - 2013-11-03_175219

Cool 17 day trend – 3 pounds lost ~TJ112


In a previous post – there was a slight weight rise noted – everyone has to remember – it is not possible to lose weight each day – on the average yes the trend may be down but day to day there may be a rise. It is possible to record a variation of 6 pounds or more.

Imagine a big meal and a few glasses of water. The measured number increases.
Likewise a long exercise session when its hot and your measured weight will be reduced.

So your real weight is really an impossible thing to measure. I have deduced over a long period of time that you either measure once a week or month and hope the trend is good and the 7 days of change add up or you measure daily and let some clever maths find your real “weight” for you.

Take this story below for example.

Weigh yourself after going to the bathroom in the morning then eat all day – then drink lots of extra fluid, then before going to the the bathroom weigh yourself again – 4 – 6 pounds/2 to 3 kg difference with ease. So big numbers, even if the scales show them,  are different to “real” change especially if it is body fat and not water or muscle mass.