Been a while ~TJ136

Hi folks

It’s been a little while since I posted on this blog, but really hs been little to report, I have been naughty and not been running, exercising or doing anything much. Roll on New Year, fresh start.

Going to Mum’s for Christmas, so hope to escape the family and food for 30 minutes a day to do a quick HIIT that I like, leaves me jelly legged and exhausted for a while but feels soooooooo good. Got it from an app called Impetus, and the particular HIIT is called Great Pyramid and consists of rounds og intense work with rounds of 60 seconds active rest.

3 min warm up

30 sec work

60 sec active rest

45 sec work

60 sec active rest

60 sec active work

60 sec rest

90 sec work

And then back down again finishing with a three minute cool down. I walk/run it but you could do strength training or kick boxing or anything else you wanted to do. The lovely little app tells you when to change etc, very good and for me, because it is timed I san sustain the high intensity because I know when it will end.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to one and all





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