Trend, does it matter? ~TJ128

So some fuss has been made about the 29 days continual weight loss and the nice trend line that was produced from that, when I look back over the figures a similar thing happened in June and the angle of the line was very similar. The difference this time is that I had lost focus, wasn’t trying that hard, had not hit a plateau, and was not exercising as much. I had drifted into a position where nearly everyone was telling me I was looking great, I was being chatted up by random men when out with friends, I was hearing , ‘You look great in xxxx’ as opposed to the previous, ‘what a lovely top/skirt etc’ ie the compliments had moved away from being about my choice of clothing to me looking good. All these things combined and conspired (subconsciously) with family and work stresses into making me less interested in continuing, the doubt had set in.

Steve decided to question whether I wished to continue, my doctors are deliriously happy with my weight loss, I was looking and feeling good, did I want to lose more weight, tone up, or start to move towards learning how to maintain weight and shape. The only pressure from him was to examine myself and my wants/needs/desires regarding my body size, shape, fitness nd health and decide what I wanted to do; to set some goals and actual targets as opposed to ‘I want to lose weight’.

So I considered, he also is big into visualisation, and I have to say I am not, I think it is nonsense but nonetheless I went along and looked for pictures of the size/shape that would be my ideal. Marilyn Monroe was said to have had the perfect figure for a woman – statistically her bust to waist and waist to hip ratio is 0.70 ie 36 bust 26 waist and 36 hips. Most clothing manufacturers will have hips a minimum of 2 inches bigger than the bust. I think MM looked amazing and I would like to achieve that ratio, if not those actual numbers (that is a long way away and a huge amount of work).

So then decision made to continue and something had to be done to refocus my attention on the weight loss. strength stuff and exercising despite what life was and continues to throw at me (no more than anyone else I imagine but at times overwhelming and all consuming). At this point the brain was to be the focus of the efforts, positive mental attitude, meditation, visualisation of what I want to look like, walking down the beach in a size 12 cossie etc, (this particular tool I don’t like, I may have a limited ability to think in this way) .

Much to Steve’s surprise I took all this ‘woo woo’ stuff on board with relish, I tend to the ‘give me facts and empirical data’, science, prove it stuff, but when you think about it all the spiritual/mental stuff does is to make you focus on the job in hand ie not eating like a pig, thinking about food in a positive way, trying to concoct meals that are tasty, nutritious and filling, trying to overcome the sense of deprivation that comes with restricting the things that you eat and drink. It turns the ‘I can’t have’, ‘I’m not allowed’, ‘I must ..’ type sentences into ‘I will do’, ‘I want..’, it is a very simple trick to play on your mind and it worked for 29 days made me focus on every bite of food every drink etc.

In the end the trend matters as a tool, it shows you the general direction in which you are going, for those of you not maths inclined it is basically the average of the daily weight figures or a straight line that is drawn through the middle of the ups and downs, it is a visual indication that all that slight up , slight down roller coaster look to a weight loss graph is actually Ok and that overall the trend is downwards, of course the trend can also be flat or upwards.



5 thoughts on “Trend, does it matter? ~TJ128

  1. Thanks butzy, I’m not afraid of the woo woo stuff just don’t happen to think it is all appropriate to me. Different strokes for different folks. Thanks for the supoport – much appreciated xx

  2. It worked and you have the results to prove it. You have succeeded where many have not! It just goes to show how powerful our minds are! Well done. How do you feel now?

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