3 Ideas That Will Change the Way You See Your Body (Part 2!)

Part 2 – take a look


In my last article, I mentioned near the end that “if there’s one thing you learn from the Reembody blog, let it be this: muscles don’t create movement patterns; they respond to them.”

Did anyone read that and think to themselves “yeah, whatever the hell that means”?

You’re not the only one. To clear things up, I’m going to take the next few minutes to completely redefine the concept of strength and turn your understanding of what muscles do completely on its head.

#2. Leverage: Strength for Smart People

One of the most common misconceptions I encounter as a trainer is how people view their relationship with gravity.

It gets blamed for a lot: gravity is what makes push-ups hard, what makes us feel wobbly during a single-leg squat, what makes our thighs burn when we climb a long flight of stairs.

This, in turn, inspires the other most common…

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