An Introduction to Danielle Prestejohn, Emotional Eating Specialist

Losing Weight Off the Interstate

Danielle Prestejohn

Love your body. It is an easy enough statement but can be a difficult concept . We are all plied with images of “beauty” on a daily basis and it is easy to compare yourself negatively. Enter Boston located Emotional Eating and Weight Loss Specialist, Danielle Prestejohn. Danielle has created a business around helping individuals find joy in living in the body that they have now. No more waiting to lose those last few pounds to take that trip you have been dreaming of, she encourages you to stop obsessing and start living.

Danielle struggled with her weight for a good portion of her life, starting her first diet at the age of twelve. She has tried various diets, lost weight, gained weight and felt miserable. She was ready to take her life back from food and weight obsession and so she started lifting the layers to her emotional…

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