They come and they go

This is a cool post and reminds me that some things in life change and some things just revolve around no matter what your age LOL

A Gozza Bear's Life

Do you ever get the feeling that your efforts are meaningless?

This statement I guess could apply to anything, but I’m talking more of relationships… and not like bf/gf relationships, but friendships as well. I often feel that no matter how much effort I put in, how much times that I’m there for a person, how often I show them that I care for them, it’s never returned. I know that it’s better to give and not expect to receive, but when you’ve known someone for such a long time, surely there should be some give back. Surely….

I suppose some people just don’t care, or are blind. In all honesty, I find it hard to get attached to people, or let anyone get close, and this is exactly why. As a kid, I’ve grown up moving around a lot. I mean I’ve lived is 17, about to be 18…

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