Running a Marathon is an Incredibly Stupid Idea – The Guide

I generally dislike these type of titles but the article is good. Same cheap trick as “X” is a scam – but the article is a pitch to get you to buy “X” from the author.

Mind Fit Move

Running a Marathon is An Incredibly Stupid Idea

Running a marathon is an incredibly stupid idea. Of course, I’m sure that’s not what you would expect a mindful fitness expert to say about the subject, but I stand by this assertion.

To thinks it’s a good idea to train for several months, just to run the arbitrary distance of 26.2 miles, primarily to say you did it, lacks merit. There are much easier challenges to undertake and many other things you could invest your time into that would yield greater results.

Just think about it. In the time, it took to train and run a marathon you could begin learning a new language, you could start playing an instrument, or even make a new friend. Any of these give your life equal or greater value, meaning, and connection.

When you run a marathon all you get are nominal bragging rights…

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