New Parkrun PB ~TJ101

New PB 49:21

I have come back to this now after some time has passed. When I got the result I was initially pleased that I had a sub 50 minute time, but then I got very upset that my techie stuff said my time was 47:18 for 3.17 miles, parkrun course was 3.33 miles not a huge amount further but enough to add on 2 minutes.

I initially wrote a post that was angry it depressed me writing it. So I deleted it.

I am still not happy that the course is so much longer than the 5k but the number is still lower than last time and I am comparing like with like so there is improvement – just not as much as I wanted!

One thought on “New Parkrun PB ~TJ101

  1. You are a runner now. Better that you find out that the course is ALWAYS longer than you think now and not in your first half marathon when you miss your dream milestone time by 3 seconds because your tech “told you” the pace was OK.

    You always need a real world adjustment. Things happen too – I saw a guy sprinting full pace to the line at a local parkrun having to stop dead in his tracks because a toddler walked across the finish. He was wearing a set of funky “kid reigns” but the clueless parent was busy on the phone.

    The guy – didn’t say a word – but the torrent of abuse he got from his other half and the 2 women chasing the guy to the line was incredible. They waited for the kid to go and play on the swings – with the partner before “explaining about child care responsibilities” – it was not the kids fault he was oblivious to the danger of walking out in front of runners!

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