WOW ~TJ100

One hundred posts, that seems like a lot!

So this should be a milestone, something significant. I was asked yesterday if I truly wanted to be a size 12, and continue on this journey. My answer was:

“I look and feel so much better now that it’s hard to imagine how that can be improved. i do know that I don’t want it to the point where I eat, live and breathe weight loss, diet and exercise to the exclusion of everything. I do not want to watch what i eat every second of every day for the rest of my life. I know there is always going to be an element of that with maintenance and regular exercise will help.”

It has caused me to think quite a lot and quite randomly today two different people at work – at different times both said they thought I looked great and should stop dieting. One of the ladies is 5 years older than me and slim and is a runner, the other is 10 years younger than me with weight issues and who yo-yo diets all the time.

All this is causing further thought, I like my new body and hated the old one, but I do want to be slimmer – whether that is achieved by weight loss or toning or a mixture of both I don’t mind. There is one certainty I WANT TO KEEP RUNNING, and to do that I need to get fitter and that will mean getting slimmer, tauter and generally having good nutrition.

My main problem areas are:

1. Maintaining good nutrition – I can moderate the calories easily but making sure they are ‘good’ calories is sometimes a struggle.

2. That gap between finishing work and dinner – if I eat early I am hungry later and if I eat later I snack earlier, if there is fruit available I will eat loads of it. If there is no fruit the danger is a quick sandwich or some toast.

3. Fitting everything in, we all have this problem.

Any suggestions on ways to deal with the above most welcome.

3 thoughts on “WOW ~TJ100

  1. I agree that early evening eating is an issue a couple of years ago I got into the bad habit of buying a chocolate bar at about 5pm when I was on my way back to th office to do paperwork. At the time I thought that it helped to dull the pain of paperwork and as I was slim I thought it would be ok, but within a few months I was piling on weight. So I think that a sandwich is a healthy choice ( in comparison) !
    The other issue is about eating with others. I usually eat with my husband at about 8:30 pm so I always end up snacking around 5. Fruit is good but you need to carry quite a bit with you. Say if you eat an apple but you still feel hungry, then I eat another and maybe 3. I realised that a small apple only has about 50 calories in it so I would have to eat about 10 before I matched the calories in a Mars bar.
    More recently I have discovered protein bars. They are about 200 calories and very filling. The most tasty ones I have found are maxi muscle promax meal and they come in chocolate with cherry or orange flavours. They are handy for your handbag and brilliant if you have missed breakfast or lunch. I find they tend to damp my appetite but they can sit a bit heavy on your stomach.
    When people give you their opinions about your weight loss be polite but ignore them! Set your own goals and do what’s right for you! Some people will be envious and may try to sabotage you, others won’t understand why you are doing it. But being a normal weight is about good health not just vanity. Very few people in the western world are too thin to be healthy! We have just got used to everyone being fatter!

  2. Thank you for your thoughts – I do try and stick to fruit but seem able to eat bucket loads and then the calories pile on. Perhaps some salad ready made in fridge, thekids won’t steal that!

  3. It’s your body not their’s and often they don’t really know enough to make an informed decision.

    I think sometimes people just don’t like change or it would mean that they might have to take control of their own nutrition and perhaps even thinking for themselves. The health and weight loss are different – sadly I often see crash dieters – they look so unhealthy and surprise surprise all too quickly they are + 10 pounds over there starting point and though annoyed with their weigh are SO much happier. So somewhere the sustainable element of their transformation was neglected.

    If your fluid levels have dropped that can feel like hunger. Better to ease off the fluids though as the evening moves on!

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