Parkrun 3 ~TJ90

Well an out and out disaster, got up really early, got ready, got all my stuff together and then got stuck behind the slowest driver in the world and was two minutes late  – time therefore was rubbish! It was coldish, foggy and damp. I was going to bale out half way round but decided against that.

As usual I was all alone with the back runner and we chatted as we trotted along and then it was over before I realised.

But on the plus side, I then did a mile and a quarter walk with my group. Afterwards I was going to walk slowly round the course and mark the hills on my phone with the digifit lap counter. So two leaders and two walkers decided to join me.

All told I have walked or run over 6 miles today am tired, had no money with me so no breakfast 😦




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