Routine or Spontaneous? How much slack to give your inner chimp ~CM02

For several years I have visited a place on the coast joined to the main land by a causeway and it has a very high tidal range.

It takes several hours to do justice to the trip and sometimes the tides don’t quite conform to the tide table and to get it wrong you are then sitting on an island for the next 8 or so hours watching a swirling vortex of foam which even the strongest swimmer could not traverse.

So this is a great place to visit but the jewel in the crown, for me,  is crossing to the island. This is not a goal many people share. They are happy with the beautiful surroundings.

Now in the UK we have famously lush green countryside and in some places the damp, the mist, the drizzle and the rain prevail.

So it would be possible to do the crossing in driving rain but that was not in my game plan.

In the past I have studied the tide tables and the weather or work schedule have never all aligned.

Then on a trip to the area several years ago it all happened – great settled weather – and a clear tide window and I had some old trainers in my bag – flip flops were no match for the razor sharp rocks,

So then the question do I finally do this? My human was pondering the question but my chimp had already put the trainers on and was fastening my running belt as there would be no place for a redundant hand holding a water bottle.

There was no reason NOT to do it except being bothered and fear.

If I rationalised an excuse NOT to do it when would the next opportunity be!

So the chimp decided and I went along with him ( I like to think I added something to the process ).

And at the time I didn’t have a model to explain the mismatch in thinking.

The crazy girlfriend or the sensible girlfriend, the falling down character money pit of a house or a tidy utilitarian apartment, the car with the great fuel economy or the one that is so sun to drive. So many decisions in the past and now I can look back with “Chimp vision” and see input from the chimp and human.

bike kid 2013-09-17_121630

Recently while running with a novice I formulated an extended version of the three Fs – fight flight freeze – reflex reaction. In my crazy analogy  “sabre toothed tigers” had evolved to have freezers so the safety of not being last was lost. In my classic scenario you don’t need to be fastest and outrun the tiger you just need to not be last. The logic is that a tiger once they have caught their prey will stop and eat. If they had a fridge freezer perhaps they would be tempted to take more prey while it was nearby.

Anyway shortly afterwards a toddler blasted past the path we we running along riding a mini motorcyle with clouds of exhaust and the noise was incredible. Now freezing – was not an option – fighting is they come back is an option but see as we are running flight is a pretty natural reaction.

So the pre adolescent hell’s angle has gone past and a guy was walking towards us – I didn’t really feel I had a good enough case to say to the guy “crazy motorcyle toddler – turn back” and I am slightly ashamed to admit it was only after the event that my human thought of that option. We were having to do a walk / run strategy to deal with the required distance and the hills but the chimp was in control and said we will run up this hill not walk and put as much distance, and other people,  as quickly as possible between us and the potential threat.
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