I wish I could write ~TJ88

spell 2013-09-16_201410
This is nothing to do with the journey except that I better appreciate good writing now that I have done some blog posts.
Suiting up copied below is blog a blog I love about a city guy who moves to the country.

Suiting up

What I wanted was a head-to-toe biohazard suit. Unfortunately, I did not have one at hand. So instead I went to the garage and got a pair of garden gloves.

Warning is not for the squeamish but so funny – I think it is anyway



My chimp can’t spell

Now another sub topic – my chimp cannot spell and has a pretty sloppy grasp of grammar and also tends to miss insignificant words out. I have noticed this for the first time after reading the Dr Steve Peters book.I had an inkling that the quality of my literary endeavours varied but I didn’t know why.

My chimp is quicker than I am at creating the thoughts ideas and processing them but he is not so hot on details so in full flow I vast blob of creativity can emerge but I then have to try to fashion it into something that other humans can understand.

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