Just do it ~TJ78

Sometimes its good to – just do it – face the fear and do it anyway.

Now here is the question – in Chimp speak – the computer just holds autopilots – the stone of life – gremlins and goblins.

So if you knew doing something was positive but there was a gremlin saying you might fail – make a fool of yourself etc. Is it your human overriding your chimp – via a new autopilot – an amendment to the stone of life – the chimp being irresponsible and untrained – the human being adventurous.

There is the old adage – “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” well its official! (According to one study anyway).
See http://www.wired.co.uk/news/archive/2010-10/18/what-doesnt-kill-you

The study concluded that people who have experienced some adversity and hardship in life appear to foster resilience and adapt better to new situations, which subsequently improves their mental health.

So what about the geek solution

  1. add to your stone of life – is the thing I am going to do genuinely life threatening – if so seek guidance and do a risk assessment and perhaps sleep on it and discuss with some of your more sensible friends – DO NOT discuss with adrenaline junkies or those people that DO, as a matter of course, take crazy risks
  2. create an autopilot that says the same thing a bit of redundancy in the system can’t hurt
  3. If there is suspected gremlin or goblin involvement – just noting that there is something going on will reduce their power over you. I believe there are apps being developed to either blank off the effects of goblins – avoid them being triggered – or remove the gremlins. I personally – think that the metaphor i s useful but that if you really cannot remove a goblin (it being hard wired) what you can do is remove any gremlin friends – build up your stock of autopilots and refine them so the goblin even if it remains is well documented and kept on a very short lease in isolation.
  4. If the thing is not actually a real threat what would the consequences of doing it successfully be. How would it feel might it actually mean dust off the stone of life and adding a revision.


Load the image file into the replicator nearest to your cabin
and wear with pride (if replicators are not yet available – imagine
wearing it) Don’t forget in the supermarket, if you keep it on,
you will get strange looks as people won’t understand.

If you do a running event and there are t-shirts and or finishers medals – take a moment to look around and enjoy all the people wearing them, office workers, construction workers, layers, college students, parents, grandparents ALL wearing them with pride. The bigger the event the greater the pride and the collective buzz. The following day almost none of them will be wearing them – a few will wear them when they return to their running clubs as a badge of honour but largely they are forgotten as we fall back into the routine of everyday life. Once in a while it is a useful tool to look at the pictures of the memorabilia and remember you took a calculated risk but that you did YOUR BEST.

Just your best and maybe you learned something along the way – at worst you think I will never do this again – BUT tread carefully before you even think that because, in my experience it is the beginning of the next journey – See paradoxical thinking – in the mind of a chimp near you.


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