What the Chimp does NOT say ~TJ77

There is a lot of confusion out there so I have finally found a really clear description of how Steve sees his role and how it realtes to his background of being a doctor treating mental illness.
See also Steve Peters: Been there done that ~TJ81

SP: From my perspective I have a generic skills base to look at the brain and the mind, that’s my expertise. I’ve gone down the route of a doctor treating mental illness; you’ve got a mind that is not functioning correctly and it’s hugely based in my world around chemical imbalance or structures not functioning, so that’s where I’m coming from roughly. However, when we do get a mind to start functioning well sometimes there’s dysfunction so it doesn’t operate in the right way, and the person doesn’t use their mind for advantage – that is what I call dysfunction rather than malfunction. So, there are lots of elements of psychological and clinical areas that I would touch on. However, I have to keep saying to people, you know I’m not trained in sport at all. I’m trained in the human mind and it doesn’t matter where you put me, all I can do is put the mind into an optimal place and then work alongside experts in that field such as the coaches, to say what is it you have to achieve and then I’ll have to explain why the mind isn’t going there. But I don’t get involved in coaching as such.



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